Manic Monday #5


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What is the sexiest part of the body? The eyes and mouth (lips and smile)

If you kissed a frog, who would you like it to turn into? Well I have my Prince, so I don’t need to kiss a frog right now, but I will play along. Ooohhh~too many dreamy stars: Matthew McConneaghy.

What do you have stuck up on your refrigerator right now? I have magnets and pictures all over my fridge (I collect magnets).

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Manic Monday #4


If you could have any music group or musician play at a party, who would you hire?

Kid Rock for all of my away from work friends and Mom’s side of the family. Leann Rimes for my work friends or Dad’s side of the family. LOL!

Name three things to be happy about today.

  1. Patch is still with us!
  2. My family members who are battling cancer are still with us.
    1. My 19 year old cousin has been battling renal cell carcinoma for 5 years now
    2. My uncle (Dad’s brother) had a tumor removed from his spine and is going through chemo for a tumor on his kidney and liver.
    3. My Dad’s cousin has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.
    4. My Grandfather has had another episode with prostate cancer.
  3. My Granny is doing a lot better. Dad actually gets to leave her house for the day tomorrow.

How do you release frustration?

BLOG-HA! I usually hold it all in and then I might explode. I am usually alone when I do this. THen I will have a major crying spell along with talking out loud to myself and of course, Patch. I used to have more serious anger management problems and would destruct things. I am over that now-lol!

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*I didn’t participate in Sunday Seven this week because the website hasn’t posted since March 1st. I like to participate in memes that have interaction. I have also decided to try and post my memes a day ahead. At first, I didn’t agree with this, but I have noticed many people do this and on the day of the particular meme you can go and view others’ responses.

Manic Monday #3


What’s your favorite thing to spend money on? things for my classroom and students and organizational stuff

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do? travel the East Coast to see lighthouses (after I knew Patch, my 11 year old dalmatian, was ok of course)

Should anything be censored and if so, what and why? pornography on the internet,more television shows, certain songs playing on the radio (too much stuff for kids to have access to)

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Manic Monday #2


You find that your best friend has stolen money to pay for medical treatment for a seriously ill relative. What would you do?

This is a difficult question. I am thinking I would talk to my friend and see if I could persuade him/her to do the right thing. I would also see if we could come up with a solution or plan to help pay for the medical treatment of the seriously ill relative.

What three things you regret not learning to do?

  1. Learn Spanish~My brother speaks it fluently

  2. Play the piano~I would love to know how to do this

  3. Bowling~I have never been and I bet it is fun

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Manic Monday


 This is the daily meme I chose to do on Mondays. Manic Monday is a meme that gives you 3 random questions to answer on Monday~of course-LOL! Enjoy!


How did you celebrate your last birthday?


We went to the University of the South campus, in Sewanee, to celebrate the three Birthdays we have in April: Mine, Jedd’s brother and Jedd’s cousin. We ate at the cafeteria . It is an awesome cafeteria~you name it and I believe they have it. Also, we went to the Memorial Cross on campus~beautiful and a great place for picture taking! If you are ever in Tennessee in these parts, you should visit University of the South.




What’s the last thing you bought yourself, just for fun?

Hhhmmmm~A Zune (Microsoft digital media player). Now I gotta sell my iPod-lol!


What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

She would be very proud, considering all of the hardships my brothers and I had ordealed.  I must say, I am proud too!