(this short clip is absolutely hilarious-stupid with no class-but too funny)


Hey! I thought I would start blogging to keep up with my crazy mind. I am just going to post whatever floats my boat and whatever pops into my head. I am also gonna be making lists/files for myself for future use-you may not even realize that I am doing it. Please feel free to comment on anything with your thoughts or suggestions. I love to make new blogging buddies. It’s much more fun than talking to myself. 🙂

My Views, Thoughts, and Opinions: The statements in this blog, or any other blog connected to my WordPress account, contain my random and sporadic personal thoughts, feelings, views, stories, and opinions. Some names have been changed to respect the privacy of others. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Please refrain from posting any personal information about someone else-definitely change names to respect the privacy of others.

No Blogfighting Allowed: I am too tired to argue, debate, or dispute anything. Flaming or blogfights are NOT allowed here. If you wish to discuss a particular matter with me personally-feel free to contact me via my Contact Page-your message will go directly to my email inbox.

Editing Posts: I SERIOUSLY DOUBT I will ever have to, but I reserve the right to edit/delete comments ONLY if extremely necessary…hint: remember my occupation and don’t post about others using their real names.

My Stories and Pictures: If you wish to use any of my stories or pictures please ask for permission~ESPECIALLY if it is a personal story. Please cite this blog (Blog Name and Blog Link) as your source and create a link back to me. Thank You!

Borrowed/Researched Content: I read all of the time. I get some of my posts from other articles and stories and then post my view/opinions about these particular articles/stories. I cite these sources, but if I fail to cite a source or you see your content here and wish for it to be removed: Feel free to Contact Me and let me know. I will gladly remove your content from my blog.

Welcome to my World! Have a beautiful day! WOOF!

Love Ya! Mean It!


3 Responses

  1. You have a nice blog here, Mercedes. Congratulations!

    Thanks fightingwindmills.

    This short video is absolutely hilarious-stupid-but too funny…in my book.

  2. *thunk* you’re right Mer– that WAS stupid. lol

    It is but I just can’t stop laughing when I watch it!

  3. how funny! LOL!

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