Blast From The Past

Heads or Tails is hosted by Skittles at Heads or Tails.

This week~HoTs has been canceled but I had already posted my entry and there are others that have left their posts in the comments. Feel free to go on over there and check out the other participants’ posts!

Theme: Tails~Wait OR Weight


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The Wildwood Flower

Heads or Tails is a weekly meme hosted by Skittles at Heads or Tails.

Theme for Tuesday, June 10, 2008: Heads~Flower

The Wildwood Flower

Johnny Cash and his MIL Mother Maybelle Carter

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Daddy’s Hands


Moody Mondays is hosted by Shannon at Moody Mondays

Monday June 9, 2008~Theme: Dads

Daddy’s Hands

Holly Dunn

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Laughing Babies

I love this video~The Laughing Quadruplets! A friend just sent this to me via email, but I had already seen it on Funniest Home Videos! Check it out!

Are you smiling yet?

Patch’s Last Moments

I kept saying I was going to video Patch singing and talking and I never did. 😦 I did video him one time-the first and last time. I am not very good at videoing-as you will see. You will also get to hear my lovely Southern accent as I talk and sing to Patch. This movie is 2:22 long.


R.I.P. Patch

When the Parents Are Gone

When the parents are gone, the dogs will play.

This reminds me of the black lab, Chloe, I once had.

I found the video (the one I tried to post last week) on YouTube!

How Do I Live Without You

How Do I Live Without You

Leann Rimes

School is out for summer and I should be so excited, but I am having a difficult time right at this very moment! I used to always work 2 or three jobs. I kinda wish I had another job right now. I know I have a million things I need to be doing around the house, but that is at the house-and I am alone when Jedd goes to work or goes golfing! Ok-had to let it all out right now! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

R.I.P. Patch