Manic Monday


 This is the daily meme I chose to do on Mondays. Manic Monday is a meme that gives you 3 random questions to answer on Monday~of course-LOL! Enjoy!


How did you celebrate your last birthday?


We went to the University of the South campus, in Sewanee, to celebrate the three Birthdays we have in April: Mine, Jedd’s brother and Jedd’s cousin. We ate at the cafeteria . It is an awesome cafeteria~you name it and I believe they have it. Also, we went to the Memorial Cross on campus~beautiful and a great place for picture taking! If you are ever in Tennessee in these parts, you should visit University of the South.




What’s the last thing you bought yourself, just for fun?

Hhhmmmm~A Zune (Microsoft digital media player). Now I gotta sell my iPod-lol!


What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

She would be very proud, considering all of the hardships my brothers and I had ordealed.  I must say, I am proud too!



5 Responses

  1. wow…iPod 😀 Cool…

    Will you visit my MM #2 Thanks

    Thanks for stopping by. I sure wish Mr. Linky provided more for WordPress accounts. Coming over now!

  2. Great to read.

    You can find my manic monday ::here::


    Have a nice week!

    I love your MM! I believe our mothers are related!

  3. It nice to reflect on your life life and the hardships and be proud of yourself. Too many reflect on the past and use that as an excuse for their bad choices in life.

    NO~not me. The only excuse I have is I made choices and it is my fault for any hardships I may encounter because of these choices. (Now the hardships I discuss here are not really about this~more about our childhood and what we had to go through~not our fault~we were innocent kids. There are influences on one’s choices and one can say, if I didn’t hang out with this person…yada yada~but you can’t change the past and we are responsible for our own decisions and mistakes. We choose the road to travel on. Yes~again there are influences but one has to decide to stay around those influences (be it people or other things) or get away! It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but when I was Student Teaching~I had to really make a decision based on my life at that time and on my future and upcoming career and I chose to get off of that road I was on and travel down the road less traveled and now I am so glad I did! Now I choose to stay off of that other road~now less traveled by me! WOOF!

  4. I love memes and I loved this one.

    I kinda got the idea from you and a few others! Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. That was a very nice post!

    I honestly don’t know what a Zune is, I’m ashamed… I mean, I know what kind of device is, but I can’t picture it in my head. Shame on me.

    My MM post is here.

    Happy MM!

    Thanks for stopping by! I like your site! We do have technology in common. I edited this post for you and added a description and picture-lol.

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