Wanna Tour My Hometown?


10 Places I Would Take a Tourist to See in My Hometown

My hometown is small, but these are some of the sites that are there or are in a neighboring town! Some of these are also annual events. We also have three lakes right here! BTW~My hometown is the only one in the world with it’s name: Tullahoma!

  1. Tims Ford State Park We have family get togethers with Jedd’s family here. I used to live on the lake back in high school!
  2. Parish Patch Farm & Inn This is where Cortner’s Mill Restaurant is-great place!
  3. Arnold Air Force Base I used to work out here. You can tour the windtunnels-if they will let you-lol!
  4. Bonnaroo Awesome annual music festival. I will have to include a list of the upcoming bands soon.
  5. Old Stone Fort (State Park) I was a weekend/Summer Daddy’s girl growing up. He always took us here for fun!
  6. Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration I love horses! I like Spotted Saddle the best!
  7. Jack Daniels Distillery along with little ‘ol Lynchburg, TN Right down the road. I used to live in the hills & hollows of Lynchburg.
  8. George Dickel Distillery Come on over and check out Cascade Hollow!
  9. Monteagle and Sewanee (beautiful places with pics) There are some great historic sites, the Cross, and great food here.
  10. Lookout Mountain (about an hour away) If we are in Sewanee, might as well drive a little bit more down the road and check out some more Mountain Action!

This is a video made by a couple of guys a few years younger than me! They are describing Winchester, TN and the surrounding areas! Phillip Fulmer (Tennessee Vols Football Coach) is from here. When I was in high school, I hung out here often! Everything they say was oh so true. BTW~Jedd is from Winchester/Decherd. This is rap-type music with all of the pictures of locations included! They visit Sewanee: University of the South and the Cross and also Tims Ford Lake. There’s even a cute black lab in it! And they cruise down Dinah Shore Blvd. Check out the SunDrop (my favorite drink)! LOL! This is hilarious! I love it! Hope you enjoy this!

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Birthday Celebration


In September 2007, we celebrated Jedd’s grandmother’s birthday.  She chose for the family to meet at Cortner Mill  Restaurant for lunch.  Cortner Mill is located in Normandy, Tennessee. I have lived in this area almost all of my life and this is the first time I have been to Cortner Mill.  This place is really neat, with a lot of history behind it. 

Cortner Mill is located on the Parish Patch Farm  and Inn: “a Peaceful Privacy of a Country Estate – Romantic Get Away, Wedding Chapel, or Corporate Retreat”. I have always driven by the place, but never actually driven down to the estate.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The countryside and falls are relaxing.  If you are ever in this neck of the woods-you should check this place out.  On Sundays (when we went) they are open by reservation only.  The food was delicious. We did not go to the Parish Patch Inn-just to Cortner Mill.  I will have to go back and check the rest of the place out. 

Parish Patch