Manic Monday #3


What’s your favorite thing to spend money on? things for my classroom and students and organizational stuff

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do? travel the East Coast to see lighthouses (after I knew Patch, my 11 year old dalmatian, was ok of course)

Should anything be censored and if so, what and why? pornography on the internet,more television shows, certain songs playing on the radio (too much stuff for kids to have access to)

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9 Responses

  1. traveling around to see lighthouses sounds interesting! 🙂

    It does doesn’t it? One of these days…! You have a beautiful site!

  2. I agree the internet is making these things acessable to children and teens. Horrible! You are such a kind teacher spending all that time and money on your students!

    No doubt! Thank you! I visited your blog party too! Happy MM!

  3. Me and hubby enjoy traveling and have seen some beautiful lighthouses. We could always see more, though!

    I hope your dog is ok.

    I’d like to invite you to play my weekly meme called Heads Or Tails! You can read all about it in my right sidebar. We usually have about 55 players every week. 🙂

    Cool! Thanks for your kind words about Patch. I will check out Heads or Tails! Thanks for coming over!

  4. oh yeah, pornography should be censored..i agree with you very much especially that more and more kids are exposed to the internet right now

    Hey francine! Thanks for coming over! After I visit the lighthouses I will visit your resort-lol! Come on back anytime!

  5. Agree with your MM about porn. I never met a teacher yet who didn’t spend their own money on their classroom. You sound like a good teacher. Are you home today??

    Hello! I was on my lunch break earlier. I just got home at about 5:00 p.m.!

  6. I agree with you about the pornography!
    Oooh, and lighthouses, yes, I’d like to see some too! Hope you get to take that trip one day.

    Thanks for stopping by! I love lighthouses! Come back anytime!

  7. I love lighthouses and I have been photographing them for awhile. I do not think there is an ugly lighthouse, they all have a character of their own.

    Too cool! I absolutely love them! Thanks for stopping by! I really admire your Volunteer work that you do!

  8. Hi, I have really been enjoying the memes you write and especially the two you created! This is a good post.
    Go visit mom, she has something for you because you cheer her up. (Sharon)

    Woohoo! I’m so excited! Rusty~you and your Mom rock!

  9. I just started my blog party!!! Come party with me!

    Whew! Just woke up and I rushed on over! I’m such a bad girl, partying on a school night! LOL!

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