Vacation Plans

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Jedd and I haven’t been out of town in almost a year. We haven’t been back to Pigeon Forge in almost two years. We have decided to take a longer vacation this year. I have finally planned and booked our lodging for next week. We are leaving on Sunday, July 6, 2008. We will be visiting Pigeon Forge and The Biltmore…and many more sites. I had to book two places in two different states-aaahhhh! I have been researching and reviewing reviews on TripAdvisor.

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My Ascendant Sign


I love Blogthings.  I used to do these all of the time when I was on MySpace all of the time. 

My Ascendant Sign (Rising Sign) is Taurus

You are the ultimate rock – stable and centered.
People turn to you in crisis and count on you for calm.
Stubborn and strong minded, you can’t be pushed around. You are also tenacious, and you always will stick with something difficult. A bit fan of nature, you’re attracted to the beauty of the outdoors. And sometimes, you find it easier to relate to animals than people.


This is soooooo me!  Too cool! 

Please tell me what your rising sign is…

Birthday Celebration


In September 2007, we celebrated Jedd’s grandmother’s birthday.  She chose for the family to meet at Cortner Mill  Restaurant for lunch.  Cortner Mill is located in Normandy, Tennessee. I have lived in this area almost all of my life and this is the first time I have been to Cortner Mill.  This place is really neat, with a lot of history behind it. 

Cortner Mill is located on the Parish Patch Farm  and Inn: “a Peaceful Privacy of a Country Estate – Romantic Get Away, Wedding Chapel, or Corporate Retreat”. I have always driven by the place, but never actually driven down to the estate.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The countryside and falls are relaxing.  If you are ever in this neck of the woods-you should check this place out.  On Sundays (when we went) they are open by reservation only.  The food was delicious. We did not go to the Parish Patch Inn-just to Cortner Mill.  I will have to go back and check the rest of the place out. 

Parish Patch