Christmas Guardian Angel Dog


My aunt gave me a dalmatian guardian dog angel figurine/ornament for Christmas.  This is what the attached card says:

Christmas Guardian Angel Dog

To Protect You From:

*Santa Claws (if you’ve been naughty)

*Grr-ruff shoppers

*Putting on the pounds

*Barking up the wrong Christmas Tree

*Playing catch up on Christmas cards

*Being hounded by Christmas bills

*Im-paws-ible presents to wrap

Fleas Navidad!



What kind of touching Christmas gifts did you get?

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!

This is the most beautiful Christmas card.

Just follow the instructions and enjoy!


So~How did that make you feel?

The Woodpecker Might Have to Go!



 Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah’s Ark                                       (and in Kindergarten-of course…lol)

One: Don’t miss the boat.

Two: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Three: Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.

Four: Stay fit When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

Five: Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

Six: Build your future on high ground.

Seven: For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.

Eight: Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

Nine: When you’re stressed, float a while.

Ten: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

 Eleven: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there’s always a rainbow waiting…

May your troubles be less,
May your blessings be more,
And may nothing but happiness
Come through your door!

(Email forward sent to me by a fellow teacher)


If I decorate my house perfectly with plaid bows, 
Strands of twinkling lights and shiny balls, 
But do not show love to my family, 
I’m just another decorator. 

If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, 
Preparing gourmet meals 
And arranging a beautifully adorned table at mealtime, 
But do not show love to my family, 
I’m just another cook. 

If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home 
And give all that I have to charity, 
But do not show love to my family, 
It profits me nothing. 

If I trim the spruce tree with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes, 
Attend a myriad of holiday parties and sing in the choir’s cantata, 
But do not focus on Christ, I have missed the point. 

Love stops the cooking to hug the child.  Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband. Love is kind, though harried and tired. 

Love doesn’t envy another’s home that has coordinated 
Christmas china and table linens. 

Love doesn’t yell at the kids to get out of the way, 
but is thankful they are there to be in the way. 

Love doesn’t give only to those who are able to give in return, 
but rejoices in giving to those who can’t. 

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 

Love never fails. 

Video games will break, pearl necklaces will be lost, golf clubs will rust…. 
But giving the gift of love will endure. 
You can give without loving, 
but you cannot love without giving. 

(email forward~I love this!)

We just got elfed!

Jedd, Patch, and I went through the elfmorphosis and became elfed. Check us out!

Happy Holidays!