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This is the place where you can let me know you were here.

Tell me a bit about yourself: who you are, where you’re from, what you do, what you like the most and what you would like to see on this site. This will also encourage me to post more frequently. THANKS!

Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions about my blog.

Please sign my guest book by leaving a comment. 🙂



51 Responses

  1. Great idea!!!!! Care if I steal errrr borrow it? LOL You know I’m gunna… 😉

    No problem at all. I borrowed your “Why a Blog?” idea too…hope that is ok.

  2. I suspect she’s not the Missy you were looking for but Missy the Cat says Hi anyway!

    And BTW, you’ve been tagged! Come and visit me at my blog, ‘K?

    Thanks for stopping by! I thought of Missy the Cat when I posted that-lol.
    Missy the Cat is welcome here anytime…and Mama too, of course.
    Going to your blog now…

  3. Shelli and I have known each other since high school. I have been with Strappity-do-da for a year and a half. I use to be one of Shelli’s consultant’s with Mary Kay when she was a Director. I also work with teenagers with Autism. Teaching them skills that they need to live on their on in society. My youngest is 16 years old and is severly autistic. I like your website.

    Kathie~Thanks for stopping by. So I see you and Shelli are like two peas in a pod-lol. My friend at: has alot of info about autism on her blog. You should check it out. Question about Strappity-do-da~I would like to see pics of people wearing these-modeling these-just a suggestion. Tell Shelli hello for me. Thanks again for stopping by!


  4. Hey Mere! I’m here! I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner! I’m a phone call away if you need me! ANYTIME!!!! I’ve got all of you in my prayers! Love ya girl!!!!

    Hey chicadee! I’m glad you are here! Thanks for your prayers! So when are ya gonna start a blog? Waiting…I’ll talk to ya in a bit!

  5. Hi…I’m the cow gal from Utah. I love doggies and your avatar drew me in. I like it around here. Lots of fun posts, keep it up.

    Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll too! Will be stopping by your place soon! WOOF!

  6. And here too.

    Thank you very much!!! LOL!

  7. Hi again! I found the real Guestbook! Sometimes mom is so dense! I tried to tell her to look before she signed!


    You go Rusty! I made a boo boo too~I didn’t specify where exactly to go. I had to edit my post-lol! THank you for straightening her out-and me too!


  8. HI Mere! So glad you have a blog too so that we can continue to visit…and thanks for stopping by the other day. It really means a lot!

    Yippee! You’re back! Woohoo! You mean a lot! Don’t be a stranger! WOOF!

  9. Just stopped by this AM to say hi! Hope all is well!!! {HUGS}

    Hi Winnie! All is well for now! Hope things are getting better for you too! WOOF!

  10. As all good and dutiful blogging friends do I’m signing whatever it is you want me to sign! teehee
    As Teletubbies say, “BIG HUG” Deb

    Thank you! Don’t watch the Teletubbies~do like the “BIG HUG”! As Elmo says (changing it a tad): “Mercedes loves you”! Mere

  11. Hey Mercedes,

    A guestbook, how cool! Stopping by to say Hi, and checking back for an update on Patch. Link or direct me if you’ve already posted. Wondering how the test came out. Let Patch know I woofed by too to see the latest and greatest on how he’s doing. Later.

    Hey! Glad to have you back! Check my Dogs Page to see all of Patch’s posts. Then you can see where you left off. He is doing good right now~waiting on new results: today or tomorrow! Patch woofs back at ya!

  12. Hi Mercedes and Patches,
    I like the idea of a guest book and love your blog.
    Gina, Tuffy and Mandy

    Thank You! Three WOOFS for you!

  13. Hi Mercedes and Patch,

    I too, adore dogs. I’m dogless at the moment – but not for too much longer I don’t think. Every day I go walking and make a beeline for any dog I see out walking its human. I miss being walked by a dog – now I have to do it on my own. Nowhere near as much stopping to sniff everything though 🙂

    Hello! I can’t wait for you to get a dog companion! I believe it will help you on your journey through life! Dogs are great! Always there for you! Thanks for signing my guestbook!

  14. A guestbook signature in haiku:

    beast spotted; black, white
    zebra, albino cheetah?
    sweet dog; Mercedes’

    Aaaahhhhh~I love it! Thanks for coming over here & signing! WOOF!

  15. Hey Mercedes – still waiting to hear about Patch, keeping him in my prayers and hoping for good news! Love reading your blog! Take care : )

    Hey Patty! Me too~still waiting. Hopefully tomorrow and if not~hopefully-definitely Monday! I’m glad you like it here! When are you gonna join us in blogland? You realy should! *hugs to you* WOOF!

  16. Hey Mercedes, love your guestbook! Love your blog,
    Love your pics, just loves you girl!

    Angie 🙂

    Girl! Gonna make me cry *sniff*! Me loves you too, chicadee! I visit your place often, but sometimes I can’t understand the lingo~remember, I am still in Kindergarten-LOL! WOOF!

  17. Hey Mercedes, just doing as asked. Your blog is a lot of fun and it’s nice to see how much you care for your friends, family and for Patch! 🙂 Hugs!

    Thanks for stopping by and signing my Guest Book! I love your stories about your family and especially your pictures~beautiful! WOOF!

  18. Love your site

    Thank You! Please, drop by anytime!

  19. Hi Mercedes,
    And just how IS Patch doing? Better, I hope! You sure have scouted out a lot of cute canine stories, pics, and videos for your blog. Do you have school this week? We are on our mid-winter break.

    We are still waiting for the lymph node biopsy~hopefully tomorrow. He is currently not on any meds and is doing great at the moment. I guess you could say we had our mid-winter break last week-lol. We got out of school on Wednesday for snow and Thursday and Friday for sickness. Of course, Monday is a holiday. We supposedly go back on Tuesday, Feb. 19, but there is snow in the forecast for Monday night-lol! Yeah~I believe my blog has turned into a Dog Blog-hehe. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great break!

  20. Hi Mercedes,
    Just stopped by to have a look around … I’ll be back to read more about Patch! Our furbaby, Bud, is … well … he’s our baby!!

    Hey Marvie! Glad you stopped by! Isn’t it great we have pets that are REALLY our babies?! Please come back by~love to have you here! WOOF!

  21. Hello Mercedes,
    Thank you for adding me to your “Blogs I Visit,” and I’m glad you visit my blog. I used to teach too. I taught science and math to 3rd-6th graders part-time for two years (I loved it) and now I homeschool our son. I wish I could join you for NaBloPoMo in March, but I foresee a busy month. Maybe April or May! I like your Guest Book idea. People used to do that on their websites before the days of blogging, but I don’t see it on blogs. It really fills a need for when we have a comment, but not for a specific post. It builds community too. 🙂

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. Not sure how I missed you! You have a wonderful site! I like the Guest Book idea too. That is how I use someone else’s~when I just want to comment, but not on a particular post! That’s great that you used to be a teacher. Hope to see you at NaBloPoMo in some future months!

  22. Hi Mercedes! Just popping by to say hi since I had a minute. Glad to hear that Patch’s diagnosis is good and hoping that he is feeling better soon! Take care, Vampy

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you anytime! I just finished my candy yesterday-yummy! Patch seems to be doing great. I am gonna take him to New Doc for a bath, nails clipped, and certain glands squeezed-fun-fun. Hope to find out more about what the next step is. He seems almost back to his 100% self minus a few things, but I believe these come along with age-he is 11 years old. Happy Leap Day! Have a great weekend!

  23. Love the guest book idea.

    I am a SAHM of two gorgeous little girls. My hubby is gorgeous as well. We live in Utah, and I will be 31 this year. I love to run and I am currently training for the Boston Marathon.
    The End

    Thanks for coming over! My brother and sister-in-law run in marathons too! I had a ball at your party! Still cracking up-lol! Good Luck to you!

  24. OT: When’s your birthday???

    What does OT mean-on topic? April 11~btw! LYMI!

  25. OFF topic. LOL

    LYMI too =)

    What did I say? On Topic? LOL! Whew rough week! LYMI!

  26. Ok, how do I work this thing? How do I sign up? I’ve been missing you girl! I hope your doing well. Luv ya!

    Woohoo~hey chicadee! I was thinking about you last night-I’ve been missing you too! You should start a blog here-in your spare time-LOL! I need to check out your site too. LYMI! (Love Ya! Mean It!~the one good thing I got my looney aunt T) ROFL!

  27. Hey Mercedes!
    Hello from Kentucky! Found your site through the blog party. Neat idea with the guest book!

    Thanks neighbor! I couldn’t find your site?? Come on back anytime! I finally found you-woohoo (3-15-08)

  28. Did I ever tell you I really love the dog themed headings all over your site? Well, I do. It’s very original! I especially like “Paw Prints” and “Latest Woofs.” So cute! Keep up the good work! 😀

    Thank you! Thank you very much! You are the first to comment on this!

  29. Hey, are you going somewhere? You popped over to say goodbye. (Or is it because I’ve lurked but not posted here?)

    Bad Kemi.

    Well-I didn’t know you were a lurker-lol, but you sure haven’t made your presence known. I thought I must have done something to tick you off. Thought maybe things were said elsewhere and people got the wrong idea about me or something. Must be my paranoid self-because I know I wasn’t ever involved in any of the drama! No drama for this mama! So if you lurk-you can take a minute to say wassup…or maybe my posts are too boring-lol! I still know it was you in the garden with the Lotus and Bamboo Spritzer!

  30. Babe, you aren’t the only one living in your own world… my problem is, I spend a lot of time re-introducing myself every time I go there. *snort*

    I will be sure to shout out every now and then.

    And every time you get a whiff of Lotus and Bamboo, you’ll know I was here.

    Re-introducing yourself-ROFL! I miss our chats from way back and I would like to here from you now and again! Don’t be a stranger-just an occasional spritz every now and again would be nice-lol!

  31. Hi Mercedes!

    Thank you for your thoughts in regards to my Mom.

    Have a great day!

    You are welcome! Bless you on this day! You are in my thoughts today!

  32. Hi Mercedes
    So here I am,
    it’s me
    Signing the guest book
    Am I supposed to leave a message after the Beep???
    I’m still waiting for the beep……

    still waiting…….


    I think your beep is broken……
    OK no beep….
    I’ll just leave a smile then

    SPLORFING while eating cereal for lunch! AFLAC! I can’t stop laughing-if someone walks by my classroom-they are gonna think I am crazy loco-ROFL!

  33. Hi Mer! Just wanted you to know I emailed you about your blog question. 🙂 I saw you have a blogger blog, too. Cool! 😀

    Thanks so much! I should have just emailed you~duh! Yeah I have a blogger blog but I just use it to point people here when I comment on blogger blogs! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!

  34. I don’t have a blogspot blog, but I do have an account 🙂 That way I can follow comments that way.

    That is why I have it too~but I did go ahead and create a page directing people here if they go over there via my comments. Nothing special.

  35. Hi Mercedes! I love ur blog here. I’m a dog lover too.. I have two doggies, they’re my babies.. 🙂 I added u to my bloglist, hope it’s ok.. 🙂

    Welcome! I added you to my blogroll too!

  36. hi mercedes… 🙂 got an award for u… 🙂

    Thank you so much! I will display it with pride and pass it on to some more wonderful blogs! Much appreciated!

  37. I teach Grade 3 in an American school, in the Middle East. I’ve taught Grade 3 for ten years, and prior to that, taught Kindergarten for three years.

    Best regards,
    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your site! So interesting!

  38. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and to also let you know that you are such a wonderful friend! HUGS to you my dear!

    I am thinking of you too! Prayers are being said now! (((HUGS)))

  39. Hi Mer! I hope you’re doing well.


    Thanks for stopping by! Doing OK!

  40. Added your link to my blog. I thought your site was well done so I wanted to let my visitors know about it. 🙂

    Fritz the miniature Dachshund

    Thank you! I have added you to my blogroll too!

  41. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by. I’m new to the world of blogging so I am cruising through as many as I can. I retired from teaching middle school last year and am a part time MK consultant. A couple of days ago I just started my first blog–My Daughter’s Wedding. Hope your vacation is great. I’ve been to those places and they are lovely!

    We have a lot in common! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words about my blog! I will have to stop by your blog soon!

  42. Oh, I forgot–I love “Mouths of Babes.” What a neat idea.

    Thanks! Feel free to add more to that page!

  43. Hi…you made me love Patch instantly….i have a “Buster” of 8 years…a mutt i love more than anything….found you because you said something about maybelle carter…i love music…the carter family…and dogs…enjoyed your site very much….please check out our website…you might like our music….we play in TN often….

    thanks for your dog loving great thoughts

    gina stewart

    Thanks for coming over and for your kind words about my beloved Patch! Give Buster a hug from me!

  44. oh…well…duh…i wanted to post our you can hear us…


  45. How was your vacation? I have an 11 yr. old dachshund named Gretta. I think you blog is very cute!

    Vacation was great! I am holding off posting pictures due to a site that is stealing posts! My bf raised dachshunds when he was younger. If and when we get another dog, we may have to get two…one for each of us-lol! Thank you!

  46. Sorry–that should be YOUR blog. As a former teacher I feel a great need to edit my own posts:) If only my computer had a red pen!

    LOL! Being the teacher I am-I would have edited it for ya-lol! Oh ya-I did edit it-hehe!

  47. happy start of school! hope it is an amazing year for you and the kiddos! they are so lucky to have you

  48. MER, I miss you! Hope you are okay. You have us a little worried…

  49. hellooooo??? is this thing on???

  50. Happy New Year! I haven’t been around for a very long time, so I hope that you will read this at some point and visit my site sometime. It’s so hard to keep blogs up when life is constantly pulling at us, and many things happening within families. God bless you and yours in 2010. Wishing you the best of everything!


    Pink Biz

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