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Jedd and I haven’t been out of town in almost a year. We haven’t been back to Pigeon Forge in almost two years. We have decided to take a longer vacation this year. I have finally planned and booked our lodging for next week. We are leaving on Sunday, July 6, 2008. We will be visiting Pigeon Forge and The Biltmore…and many more sites. I had to book two places in two different states-aaahhhh! I have been researching and reviewing reviews on TripAdvisor.

We will be going to Pigeon Forge for four nights. We like to stay in a cabin and I finally chose one (a little more expensive than the last one) at Legacy Mountain Resort. We will be staying at one of the Tremont cabins. When I made the reservations, I asked about construction-it is at the top of the resort, and about neighbors. She put us near the bottom on the end of a road. So we are not near the construction, we don’t have to travel up and around, and we will only have one cabin on one side of us. I love staying in a cabin. I just purchased 3 new books to take with me too. Jedd won’t let me start reading them because the last trip I purchased three books-and I read them the week before we left-lol!

In Pigeon Forge/Sevierville we will definitely be visiting Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It isn’t just about knives-this store is absolutely awesome. I can only find a link to their catalog-it doesn’t do the store justice-the store itself is beautiful! Here are some reviews that describe the store better. We will also be visiting The Apple Barn. I love this place too. I love their wine and you get to taste it there. These are the two places I always stop by when I am in that area.

We want to see a show and check out some attractions, but we want to try out some new ones (even though I could go back to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede-it is an awesome place including an opening act, a wonderful show, and a scrumptious dinner). We have also been to The Comedy Barn and watched their show-no meal included. It was hilarious with lots of doggies everywhere. We will probably drive up to Gatlinburg for a bit. Browse the shops and eat at a fantastic pancake house-Pancake Pantry. We have already been to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies-Awesome aquarium! We have also done Earthquake the Ride – Do NOT waste your money on this attraction. Maybe we will drive through Cades Cove too-we haven’t done this yet.

Anywho~back to deciding on shows to see in Pigeon Forge. I have narrowed it down to two shows and one attraction (again by reading reviews-and ignoring some reviews-lol) Now I need to pick one (or maybe two-lol):

  1. Black Bear Jamboree Dinner Dinner & Show
  2. Hoot N’ Holler Dinner & Show (this is located in the Wonder Works Building and can also be purchased as a combo deal with tickets to Wonder Works)
  3. Wonder Worksyou gotta click on this site-I just love the introduction-then click on Pigeon Forge, Tn-of course. I’m not sure about this attraction-if it is more for children or if we can have just as much fun too.

WOW! I feel like I am doing reviews myself. I was going to tell you more about some more sites we have been to, but I didn’t realize how long this post was. Well I am going to tell you anyway-ha! We have also been to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and we drove up to Clingman’s Dome. Absolutely breathtaking.

OK~fast-forward to Thursday, July 10, 2008. Check-out time from our hopefully wonderful cabin. We will be hitting the road to Asheville, NC. I have booked us 2 nights at the Holiday Inn Express-Biltmore Square Mall. This site doesn’t show you everything unless you click around and get lost then do it again-lol. We will be staying in a suite. I had to really research hotels…I am not a huge fan. We will probably visit part of the Biltmore Estate (winery and possibly the stables) Thursday afternoon, then return on Friday to visit the Biltmore House and the Gardens. I am hoping to also take a short road trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway and back Friday evening. We will pack it up Saturday morning and head on back home.

I am in a story-telling mood, but I know this long, so I better stop now. Do I have enough links in this post-hehe! I will have to do a review of the places we do visit and see if the other pics and reviews were correct.

I have a surprise pertaining to this post for you all (if you would like to be included). I will post about it tomorrow. So if you made it to the end of this post and you aren’t falling asleep-lol-tell me what ya think. Do you have any other tips or suggestions?

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  1. What a beautiful shot. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you return, Enjoy!

  2. Asheville! We were there for a week years ago and really enjoyed it. In fact, we almost moved to Ashevlle. The main thing that decided us on San Diego instead, aside from the proximity to my cousins, is that Asheville had no Arthur Murray studio despite the fact that Arthur Murray himself once taught there. Biltmore was huuuuuuuge! Anyway, hope you have a great time.

  3. I love the Great Smoky Mountains and I am so jealous that you are going 🙂 I hope you have a totally awesome time. Clingmans Dome is just awesome…the view is beyond words.

    I also enjoy the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede…and could go back again. Have you been to the one in Branson, Missouri too?

  4. I’ve never been there so hard for me to add to this great post. It’s great to see that you’re so excited about this trip (love the links) ! I hope you two have a fantastic vacation!! 🙂

  5. Oh my word…I am so jealous. 😉
    I haven’t been since I was a teenager. It is on my list of places to go someday soon. I loved Clingman’s Dome and my mother just rants and raves about the Apple Barn. I know the Biltmore is going to be heavenly. I enjoyed all the links and went to every one. FUN! 😀 Please try to get a few pictures!!

  6. Have fun on your trip, Mer! Sorry I’ve lost touch lately. I’ve just had a terrible time keeping up with everyone on the blogs. I’ve been busy! 🙂

  7. Sounds really fun! Let us know how it goes and take lots of pictures!

  8. Dang, Peachy! You knew I wanted to go with you!

  9. Sounds like a nice trip, Mercedes. I hope you have a fun, safe trip. How long will you be gone?

  10. […] posted yesterday about the details of our vacation. Head on over there and check it out if you haven’t already. Then come back here and leave me […]

  11. Can you play Hillbilly Golf for me while you are there? I saw it as a kid and it looked sooooo fun but we didn’t have time!

    I am scared to ride that thing to the top-last time we were there, we witnessed it getting stuck and people having to walk/climb down that hill/mountain-aaahhhh!

    I saw a mamma bear and babies walking in the smokies… awwww. and an idiot trying to get a closer pic!
    No Doubt!

  12. it sounds like you have a fabulous trip planned. It all sounds wonderful. Of course I am from Canada and I would love to visit anywhere in the states and see all the great sites. Have you ever holidayed in Canada??

  13. That sounds like a perfect trip! We talked about getting a cabin in the smokey mountains area this summer too. But we probably won’t be doing it this year. Have a wonderful time!!

  14. wow.. u really planned ur trip well. Enjoy your vacation mere! 🙂

  15. “I am scared to ride that thing to the top”…

    but that was the main reason it looked so fun to me!!!! And I never got to do it.

    I DID get to ride an incline in Pittsburgh, and they go down REALLY big hills. Guess you wouldn’t like that either.

    I rode the Scenic Chairlift at Ober Gatlinburg once:
    And the Aerial Tram:
    Maybe I will have to face my fears again-lol

  16. The links are great! You are a fabulous vacation planner.; it could be your second career. I have never been that far east although my teaching partner has a friend in Asheville and she will be visiting there
    this summer. Boy, would I love to walk through the gardens at the Biltmore!

  17. Ive been scanning through your site. You have some nice posts on here, especially this one – I really enjoyed itnice post. Consider yourself bookmarked

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