Christmas Guardian Angel Dog


My aunt gave me a dalmatian guardian dog angel figurine/ornament for Christmas.  This is what the attached card says:

Christmas Guardian Angel Dog

To Protect You From:

*Santa Claws (if you’ve been naughty)

*Grr-ruff shoppers

*Putting on the pounds

*Barking up the wrong Christmas Tree

*Playing catch up on Christmas cards

*Being hounded by Christmas bills

*Im-paws-ible presents to wrap

Fleas Navidad!



What kind of touching Christmas gifts did you get?

4 Responses

  1. Santa came for me this year! I got a beautiful dollhouse and great furniture. I have always wanted one. I think the kids were SHOCKED Santa came for me this year, and the girls have enjoyed playing with the house as much I as have.

    I also gave husband Prairie Home Companion tickets so we are off to see that in MN in a few weeks. I gave my girls Hannah Montana tickets.. This has been the best Christmas in a long time because the gifts were so thoughtful, and will make lasting memories.

    My dogs, Lucky and Libby received new dog beds so they are happy too!

    Cool! You can tell the children that as long as you believe~there is a Santa~no matter what age. Aaaaahhhh~our pets-they always get gifts too…just like people!

    I have a sweatshirt that says:

    A bird is a bird
    A fish is a fish
    a dog is a person.

    Soooooooo pppj~when are ya gonna join us on wordpress nad start a blog?
    Peer pressure…Go-Go-Go-…Everyone is doing it…You can do it too!


  2. Come on PPPJ!! Join us!!

    As far as Christmas, My Mom gave me a Jon-E Handwarmer that was my Granddads and my Dad gave me typewritten stories that my Grampa told to his kids to get them to sleep. Those were my two favorite gifts this year.

    Such sweet momentos! You will cherish these forever!

  3. Well I certainly didn’t get anything that cute. But my son gave me a large oil portrait of him when he was in the Navy. I knew something was up when he brought it out and everyone got their cameras ready. They love to see me cry.

    That is a precious gift. You sound like Jedd’s Mom~he always picks just the right cards for her…and she cries-which everyone loves and laughs at…they love to see her cry too.

  4. That’s so cuuuuuuteeee, I found this page that has doggy angels, I’ve got quite a collection already! You can find some here in case you’re interested in adding more to yours 😛 : —

    Thank you! Thanks for the link. I am mainly interested in dalmatians, but these make wonderful gifts for all dog lovers!

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