We Salute You-Worst Parent Ever

This is from one of my best friends. She turned this story in to her local radio station and they saluted her-lol! This is from the radio. Just click below and listen to the short, one minute radio commercial! Have fun!

We Salute You-Worst Parent Ever

20 Responses

  1. too funny…
    bad mom should hear this …. lol

  2. That was funny!

    BTW, Mercedes, Hi!

  3. That was pretty funny, but why do I have a sudden urge to go out and buy a case of Bud Light? 😉

  4. LOL a Santa costume! Too funny!

  5. Funny! That singing could get on your nerves though. hehe

  6. LOL. Have you seen this?


  7. Believe me, this is where I am a good bad mom – my son has gone to the grocery store in costume (Zorro, cowboy, Batman, Willy Wonka) many many times. I don’t fight that battle.

    Thanks for the heads-up, LarryG 😀

  8. Oh, I love those beer commercials. Very well done!

  9. That is HILARIOUS! What a big bad mommy she is…Lord have mercy, I’m MUCH worse!

  10. Oh, come on! Is nobody gonna side with Jackie on this one? I’ll side with ya, Jackie… who needs Santa ruining a beer run in the middle of springtime! LOL!

    I am with you! Her son is a clone of her-he is such a comedian. I have a feeling this might not be a goos thing for her in future years-lol! 😉

  11. I dunno who Jackie Cantrell is, but I had a good laugh. I side with her that boy needs a good whoopin’
    AFLAC 🙂

    She is one of my best friends and she is a nut-lol! He probably got one-AFLAC!

  12. I don’t know what was funnier, the story or that dude singing, “Worst… parent… e-e-e-e–e-vahhh”…

  13. Be a kid. Right on Jackson! LOL! You little stinker!
    That was too funny! haha….worst parent ever! One minute of fame for mommy! Loved Jackie’s story! Thumbs up for the radio station airing it!

  14. i thought they were cute..

  15. I just came back for another listen & cracked up again.

    I yelled out “Hey Shell come & listen to this it’s hilarious”

    After a listen she said “I don’t think it’s funny at all”

    Excuse me???
    Not funny????

    Looks like somebody has a dull wife….. 🙂

  16. P.S. Oh I didn’t read the intro properly, thought she must’ve been a celebrity I’d never heard of, well I guess she is a celebrity now.
    You Go Girl
    Go the Jackmeister

  17. Honestly? A Santa costume is small potatoes compared to what we deal with here. I would have let him do it. My kid has been a costume kid from about birth, I’d say.

    This? Is my life:

    I hate Indiana Jones

    I didn’t get a radio commercial though. Too funny!

  18. What a hoot!

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