Hello All!

I didn’t need to sign up for NaBloPoMo this month-lol! Anywho~I am warn worn out! I worked for ten hours today (on my feet) and that is a big change from doing nothing for sixish weeks! I believe the Scraping blog is shut down. When I go there-it says it cannot connect-woohoo! Maybe soon I will have some better quality posts. I will be working at school all day tomorrow. I don’t have to bring my stuff home either-woohoo. It is a secret-but I get to keep it all at school. I just can’t say how I do-lol! I need to catch up on blog reading-way behind, but I am pooped right now. I am gonna go plop my tired self on the couch. Hope all is A-Ok with you all!

Toodles Noodles, Mere

Posted by Mercedes at Mercedes’ World

10 Responses

  1. So glad you don’t have to bring all that stuff home. 😀
    Go rest girl.

  2. SO is your spelling of ‘warn’ out on purpose or a Freudian slip? Have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

    Oh no~and I am teaching spelling. I may need some help from you-lol! Aaaahhhhh!

  3. Just stopped by to say hi!

  4. School??? Is summer over already? Noooooooo!!!!!

    Sad to say-Yeeeeesssssss! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

  5. enjoy your weekend and revive yourself. you sound kinda tired. me too, i’m also catching up… so HALLO to you!

  6. Hi Mercedes!

  7. Hope you got some rest yesterday, Mercedes.

    I also hope you don’t have to slow down on blogging once school starts back, but if you do then I’ll understand.

  8. You go, girl! I’m glad for you about the ‘scraping’ blog! Now, try to get some rest! 😀

  9. I’m starting work again on Monday after working from home for almost a year – it should be an interesting change.

    Oh WOW! Good Luck to you! That will be a big change!

  10. I have been better 🙂

    Have a great week and get some rest.

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