Whew! I am worn out. I have been working at school trying to get my new 5th grade class ready and get my stuff out of the Kindergarten room. I have spent so much money (thousands of dollars) on my Kindergarten stuff. Now I need to bring it home-aaaaaahhhhh! I wish I could just say-give me $1,000 and you can have it all! LOL! I don’t know what I am going to do. My Dad usually helps me out a lot, but he is working now.

I believe I am going to have a WordPress blog for my pictures of 5th grade. If I do, I am asking all of you to NOT leave comments over there. If you would like to say anything about the pics-just come over here or go to my 5th grade website and comment on that blog. The reason is I don’t want my parents to find this blog. Does this make sense?

Anywho~I haven’t even visited Hump Day Humor participants-aaaaaaahhhh!

Hope you all are A-OK! Mere

Posted by Mercedes at Mercedes’ World

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  1. Does school start soon there for you?

    YES! I have CPR Friday Morning. I start Monday the 28th. Students register Wednesday the 30th. Their first full day is Friday, August 1. AAAAAAHHHHHH!

  2. As the husband of a teacher, I can tell you that makes PERFECT sense. That’s why I never have my wife’s name or her (unpixellated) picture in any posts. Plus, blurring her out all the time makes for a good running joke …

  3. ahh the benefits of a higher education… 🙂

  4. Yes, Mere that does make sense. Everyone needs to have their private life.

  5. Oh yes, I would never want the parents to know about my PERSONAL blog! I hope I remember to NOT post over there. 😀

  6. Did you get “famlove” shut down?

    I am not sure. They haven’t had any updates in Google Reader and when I go there-the page won’t connect. Maybe they are shut down…until they go to another web host-lol!

  7. Mercedes, it seems like the school should have bought those things for your kindergarden class. Will they not reimburse you? Anyway, I know school will start soon. Good luck with your 5th grade class.s

  8. Thanks for letting us know not to post on the school blog. It makes sense but sometimes we need to be told in plain english. Maybe, along with the school site link, a note reminding us not to post any replies, just in case someone doesn’t see this message.

    I do hope you can get everything home…maybe recycle some of it for your older kids…or pass it on to another kindergarten teacher in the future.


  9. Oh my gosh, already on August 1st? We don’t start til the end of August. I’m SO thankful!

    When did you get out of school? Do you have a lot of breaks in the school year?

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