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Time: 3:41CST. I have had a website that has been stealing my posts and posting them as their own. This is written by Mercedes at Mercedes’ World. The posts that they have taken are personal posts of mine. The website is love your family ( I am doing a test post to see if this gets posted over there. They like these categories: children, family, friends, love, and thoughts. IMO every post there is someone’s own personal post. This site did not ask permission and doesn’t even include a link back to the original blogs. I am currently working on having my posts removed. I hope this site hasn’t stolen any of your content. I just put in my name~Mercedes~in the search box and all of my posts came up. This is being posted by Mercedes’ at Mercedes’ World and for Mercedes’ World ONLY! I hope my friends understand what I am doing here-lol! Love Ya! Mere

Edit: This site is an hour ahead of me. since I originally posted this thirty minutes ago-the site has added ten posts….no wait-this post is over there-lol-and it is even called Post Scraping-HA!

Posted by Mercedes at Mercedes’ World and only for Mercedes’ World


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  1. WTF is the point of them doing this? People really piss me off in today’s world. I hope you can get them shut down soon Mere. Stupid people!

  2. Mere, Maybe they really admire your writing, take it as a compliment. Can you report them?

  3. Mere, I’d report them to WordPress. I think when someone from WordPress sees what they are doing they will remove the site. Good luck and let us know.

  4. Hey hey,

    I am rather bitter about this. If you get any info on this particular situation, let me know. I’m trying to let WordPress know about my blogs as well.

    Thanks for making me aware of these guys..


    I sent you an email with some info that might be of some help to you. I will keep you posted. 🙂

  5. They’re probably Hoovering posts with certain tags or categories right out of the RSS feeds. I went and saw your post there, along with an assortment of others that are clearly stolen from a variety of sources. No doubt they’re trying to drive traffic to their own site in order to get ad revenue or for some similarly scammish purpose.

  6. I have contacted WordPress, but it is out of their hands because it is a website. WordPress has a site that includes all of the blogs that have been reported of doing this-it includes all of the info about those sites. I have contacted the web host of this site…waiting on a reply! There is no advertising on this site and no comments on this site-not sure the reasoning behind this.

  7. Weird and evil. I’m going to look now.

  8. That is one of the main reasons why I am disliking WordPress more and more, and even thought of testing the waters elsewhere.

    Almost every single one of my WordPress posts have been stolen like this, and by numerous other sites, not just one guilty party. ALL of these websites I found were hosted by WordPress, whether it was .org or .com. When checking the forums I found quite a few other people in the same boat and WP wasn’t doing anything about it for whatever excuse du jour.

    Since testing Blogger, to my knowledge, I only have a couple of posts which have been stolen — once each. One was stolen by a blog hosted by WP (again!), the other by a blog hosted by Blogger. That’s quite a difference in stats. WP = posts stolen thousands of times; B = posts stolen twice.

    And one of the things that bothers me the most about all this, is that WP does nothing about it. I’ve noticed that Blogger REMOVES these sorts of stealing blogs all the time. Like you said about WP, “it is out of their hands because it is a website.” and are owned by the same company!!! The one department can’t tell the other department to delete?!! That’s totally bogus. Now I have absolutely no proof for this, but it would appear logical that WP is somehow profiting from this situation, otherwise they would want this sort of thing to end and PRONTO.

  9. wow that is crazy…I can’t believe that wordpress doesn’t do anything about that….. how did you even find out this was happening? What an invasion of privacy….. I would definately be causing a stink over this

  10. This is so out there. I’ve been researching this and you seem to be the common link. I found some of my stuff and some of Joy of Desserts too, but each time you were the common denominator. Can any of us do anything to help you fix this and stop them?

    I haven’t found your stuff on this site-just my posts with my links to you and Joy. I believe it is all WordPress blogs. I just noticed that they scraped more of my old posts-everything I have posted in the category: Friends. Maybe I need to change my category titles. Hopefully they will be shut down soon…Aaaaahhhhh!

  11. This is really making me sick-this site is going way back stealing my posts and some of yours too. I am up to 30 dating back to April 27, 2008. They are taking my Patch personal posts-oh I am so mad! I have found some more from: Gina, Tony, Lofter, Rusty, Kathryn, Goodbear, and Lavenderbay.

  12. Holy shades of theft! All of the posts are really someone else’s…what is is the point of that? Is it a business or a person or do you know?

    It doesn’t look like a business. It looks like a WordPress dot org blog and doesn’t have adds. I don’t know them-I don’t think-lol! This really sucks!

  13. Sploggers suck. I did a post about it myself when it happened to me.

    Mostly you just have to wait for the domain host to take down the blog. 😦

  14. It looks like the whole blog is just made up of other’s blog material. Thanks for the email!

  15. I just left a comment on their site which stole one of my old posts previously from TazBlog & called them Thieving Mongrels

  16. I went there again & searched TazBlog & got 2 posts from Kathryn @ 4urpets 1 from Goodbear & 1 from you

  17. Thank you for the heads up on this… let me know if there is something I can do to help… I went and looked at my post there.. and can’t figure out what the point of them stealing posts is… it’s aggravating.. but, doesn’t seem to be harmful, that I can see anyway. Would be nice if they would at least link back to the original blog though.

  18. Is this just a wordpress issue? I checked it out and the only thing that tied back to me was one of your posts with a link to my blog, which is not wordpress. I did not find any of my posts there but I found a couple tied back to another wordpress blog that I read daily. I’ll let that owner know what I found.

    People! Just when you think you’ve heard it all they find something even more stupid or heinous to do to their fellow man.

    The blog in question is scraping from WordPress blogs only (I am 99% sure). It is also a WordPress Blog-but not the free kind that all of my WordPress blogging buddies and I use.

  19. This is insane…I have another blog I am working on to use for my 5th grade pics. While I am in the dashboard approving a comment…at the bottom right there is a little lock icon and when I move my cursor over it is says: Authenticated by,inc. This is a WordPress blog too! I am getting really worried now! It didn’t do it over here…yet!

  20. Are you kidding me? How frustrating.

  21. The blog scraping site has not had any updates in Google Reader. I went to the site and it is unable to connect. I so hope it is shut down-just wish there was a message stating this. Of course the site will probably just move on to another web host and start up again-lol! edit-Oh and the little icon for the site is a red box with a white B now-hhhhhhhmmmmmm-watch out Blogger! Aaaahhhhh!

  22. Stealing other people’s material, SHAME on them!! Stealing anything, SHAME on ALL of them!!
    Man sees their actions.
    God sees their motives and their heart.
    No escape from Him.

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