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Hello All! I have been converting my Kindergarten classroom website to my NEW 5th Grade classroom website. I am so excited! I have also added a blog page on the website. I hope to blog about our class over there and post pics for everyone to view. This way the parents can have pics of their child and I don’t have to make/create scrapbooks anymore…so much work! Head on over there and check it out and let me know what you think. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Miss Meredith’s 5th Grade

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  1. I wish I had a 5th grader in your class! You are so organized and prepared. They are two different things, but you weave them together well. I like the new site.

  2. I wish I WAS a fifth grader in your class! Super job, my friend!

  3. WOW you make scrapbooks for the kids? I’m impressed!

  4. Fun…going now!

  5. Wow..excellent website. I have a question, since the children of your class will be having their photos on site, will you have to get permission from their parents/guardians? (In Australia, you have to get written permission from parents/guardians to post photos of kids anywhere). Or will you make the photo site, password protected for security reasons? We have a form that goes out for the school asking permission. I also send out my own form to each student explaining about the website and ask permission again.

    And in the US, do you have DEAR time? DEAR stands for
    Drop Everything And Read. It works like this: when a bell rings, every single person in the school, i.e. principal, teachers, children, visitors, office staff, cleaners etc. have to stop what they are doing and read something. They can read a magazine, a comic book or a novel but it has to be reading for fun and not just school work. After 10 minutes, the bell rings again and everyone can get back to their previous activity. The literacy levels in schools that had DEAR time soared as a result and the school libraries became busy places with books being borrowed constantly. I love DEAR! Our school doesn’t do this school-wide…yet. Maybe the new principal will do this-I hope! I learned about it while I was in school and I love it!


  6. that’s such a cool idea. wish the bean’s teacher would do that… maybe i’ll suggest it to him, especially like that homework one. ’cause according to the bean, they never have homework… and that’s just not so i know… anyway, enjoy, you seem to be having great fun getting started. if only all teachers would have your enthusiasm…

  7. Your classroom web site is so cute! I forwarded it to my wife, who also teaches 5th (and 4th) grade.

  8. Mere…you are one awesome teacher! When are you moving to Missouri 🙂 I want you in our school district!!!

  9. Congratulations Meredith, I know how badly you wanted this grade change! How ambitious of you to get your new website up before the start of school! Your students are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic and tech savvy teacher.

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