Read and Create

A great story doesn’t have to end with the last page. Your child can take the fun one step further by making a craft based on a book. He/She will deepen his/her understanding of the story while boosting creative thinking. Here are three projects to try.


Let your child make character masks with paper plates. For example, he/she can create Franklin the Turtle from Paulette Bourgeois’s series. He/she might paint the back of a plate green, cut holes for a mouth, a nose, and eyes, and glue on a craft stick as a handle. He/She will enjoy holding the mask and reading Franklin’s lines.


Have your child build a story location, such as the huge mushroom that shelters animals in Mirra Ginsburg’s Mushroom in the Rain. He/She can paint a Styrofoam bowl brown like a mushroom and glue an empty toilet-paper roll on the inside for a stem. Suggest that he/she tell the story using his/her own words, using his mushroom cap as a prop.


Teach your child about sequencing with a story mural. Read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall, and ask him/her to choose three events (watching the tree bloom, picking apples, baking a pie). He/She can paint each scene on a paper grocery bag and write a sentence describing the action. Then have him/her tape the bags together in order and hang his/her mural on the wall.

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3 Responses

  1. subverting another generation a??? lol
    those are great ideas teach…

  2. Mere…you are a great teacher! I wish you were in my children school district.

  3. Good teacher hint Teach! Before I took my first graders to the zoo, we read so many books on animals, etc. Everything really builds on everything else.

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