Fill in the Blanks

Moody Mondays is hosted by Shannon H. at Moody Mondays!

This week’s Moody Monday is all Fill-in The Blanks!

1. On Monday mornings I like to (This is during my Summer Break: blog, wash clothes, make business calls-make appointments).
2. The worst thing about Monday’s is nothing during my Summer break-last school year it was bus duty-aaahhhh!
3. Sometimes I like to order a soft drink at a restaurant, but most of the time I prefer to drink water.
4. I think pets are truly our best friends-they want nothing but to be loved and offer us so much in return: companionship, loyalty, and love!
5. A wise person once told me “Don’t eat yellow snow”-lol!

10 Responses

  1. Ewwww bus duty! I don’t think I would ever get use to that. Thank goodness it is only one day a week.
    I agree about pets. My dogs are my #1 best friends! Most definitely!

  2. Great fill ins, but I really like #5 – LOL!

    Thanks! Me too!

  3. This is a really touching video about the love of a pet – hopefully you will enjoy it! We did:

  4. Cool! I get to play!

    1. On Monday mornings I like to pretend it’s Tuesday, in an effort to fake myself out… but it hardly ever works.
    2. The worst thing about Monday’s is it comes too early in the morning… I don’t think Monday should start until sometime around noon.
    3. Sometimes I like to think about working in the yard, but most of the time I prefer to not do it!
    4. I think pets are frequently much more intelligent than their owners!
    5. A wise person once told me, “Marriage is like a hole in the ground. If you ever dig yourself out of the first one, you shouldn’t ever fall in another one again.”
    (I really should’ve listened to that guy, too…)

    Thanks for letting me play! 😀

    You are so funny! A wise person also told me that marriage is the #1 reason for divorce-lol!

  5. Bus duty…oh how well I remember. Yuck! 🙂
    Love #5! hehe

    If we do it the same as we always have (we have a new principal) I will have it on Tuesdays this upcoming year.

  6. #5 is good advice! Was the wise person Frank Zappa? 😉

    LOL~actually it was my best friend in high school’s 5 year old son at the time-he is now 15!

  7. No, no, no, I don’t want any yellow snow!!

    Enjoyed reading your answers.

    LOL~thank you!

  8. On Monday mornings, I go straight to the kitchen and anxiously await the coffee. After about 3 cups, I realize it is Monday, and that is also the worse thing about Monday. WORD!

    Sometimes I likes to sit and think, but most of the time I just sit. LMAO

    I think pets are just too blamed adorable! Most definitely

    A wise person once told me if you are going to blog, don’t tell them your name and whatever you do don’t talk politics or! ROFL

    Hey girl, how ya doing? I am doing better this week. Waiting anxiously to find out if I get to move to 5th grade. Trying to finish making our plans for our vacation! How ’bout you?

  9. Yep . . . it was Frank Zapp.

    Thanks for visiting NICKERS AND INK.


    MEME EXPRESS – daily blog prompts

  10. I started playing because you made it look so fun! 🙂

    P.S. I wonder why my comment icon doesn’t show up on your site.

    I don’t know-you also go to moderation or spam often-I just don’t understand.

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