Questions, Silly Questions

The Saturday Special is hosted by Toni at The Saturday Special.

1. Who is the last person you talked to? My friend Missy-she is also my nail and hair lady-lol

2. What is your weather like right now? Saturday: Muggy~high 88 degrees. 50% chance of rain-Come on rain-we need you!

3. Where will you be this weekend? I am getting my hair highlighted Saturday (gotta go blonde and cover the gray-lol)-then some shopping & Wal-Marting. Sunday I will go to Sunday Dinner at my bf’s parents’ house-I think. Then I am going to my cousin’s Graduation from Blue Monarch. Her and her daughter have been there for a year! I am so proud of her! Oh WOW! I went to the website and she is on the front page-bottom left. Her daughter (some of you have seen her pics) is the fourth one down on the right. For you chefs out there-check out The Blue Chair-the girls at Blue Monarch make many of the foods served there-too cool!

4. What’s for dinner tonight? Saturday: Jedd (my bf) will be off so we will go out to eat somewhere.

4 Responses

  1. You can have all the rain we have been getting Mere! It is causing a lot of problems here in Missouri!

    I think I will make my bf, Steve take me to dinner this weekend…or better yet he can go pick up Chinese for us 🙂

  2. you got a loads of plan this weekend. hope you’ll have fun.

    here is my saturday special!
    hope you can drop by. thanks

  3. Blue never sounded so much fun! You can have some of our rain, I want to dry out for awhile – it poured most of yesterday and night with big Thunderstorms. Have a great, fun weekend.

  4. Congrats on your cousin’s graduation! I did this meme too but mine is more boring than yours. 😛

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