Tree of Happiness Award

Oooohhhh~I love awards! My dear friend, Kathryn at The Empty Nest honored me with this wonderful award. Kathryn is a wonderful friend. She stops by often to visit and was very supportive during our travels down Patchy Sickness Road and now is very supportive during our travels down Patch Is Gone Road. She is also helpful with computer/camera stuff-I just email her and she helps me out! She has 3 wonderful chihuahuas she blogs about on her other site: 4urpets.

The rules for accepting this Award are to share 6 things that make you happy and to share this Award with 6 other bloggers. As usual, link to the person who gave you this award and link to the people your are giving the award to. Don’t forget to notify the people you are giving the award to by leaving them a comment and a link to your Award Post.


  1. My family: Most of them-lol! My Dad is my best friend-I can tell him anything (except intimate details of my love life-lol). I am glad my Mom and I are talking-even if we don’t see eye-to-eye. My younger brother, I miss him so much. We were the best of friends-then he moved away. I practically raised him since he was 6 years old until he was off to college. We have a special bond between us! My older brother-I wasn’t as close too-he moved out of our house and into Dad’s when he was 14. We are talking a lot more now-he also moved away. I won’t list all of my family-but I am closer to my Mom’s side of the family…Some of my aunts and I are like best friends. My Granny (Dad’s Mom) is wonderful too-she will be 92 years old in July. Richard (my Grandpa on my Mom’s side) is wonderful too! He has raised me as one of his own grandchildren and for that I am thankful!
  2. Memories of Patch: We love to be remembered of something Patch used to do-we have some smiles & laughs often about him. We often discuss all of the nicknames I gave him and all of the silly phrases I used to say to him. We still call his car the Patchmobile-it will always be the Patchmobile! *sniff-tears of joy*
  3. Jedd: Jedd makes me happy-most of the time-lol-just kidding! He is a funny guy! He can’t even get/stay mad at me for long-i just get in his face and stare him down saying “I’m not touching you”. Then if that doesn’t break him-I just keep staring at him making goofy faces-and wallah-he starts grinning.
  4. Friends: My friends make me happy. I love to get emails and phone calls from them. Now some send me their junk mail and texts a little too often-but oh well! I love to catch up on past happenings with my friends.
  5. My Blogosphere of Friends: You guys rock! Sometimes I feel I have more friends here than I do personally. You all are always here with a wonderful story, a funny laugh, a shoulder to cry on, kind words, prayers, and most definitely a wonderful support system!
  6. Animals & Children: I can only list 6 so I will combine these. Animals make me happy for sure-especially dogs and horses. Right now I am without my baby and I separated from ex-we had a horse farm, but when I am around others’ dogs and horses I am sooooo happy! Children-I love them. Children make me so happy with their laughs and smiles, with their accomplishments, and I am really happy when I see that spark in their eyes when they have learned something new!


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10 Responses

  1. Thank you, my friend! Your generous heart is definitely something that makes me happy! *hugs*

  2. Thank you very much kind lady! You are the bestest ever!

  3. congratulations on your award, you have been blessed with many things to be happy about.

  4. Congratulations on your award. I’m sure you are very deserving. Isn’t it nice to have someone to call on when you have questions, someone who is so capable and willing to help?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the blood pressure. Also, you mentioned the deer there like the neighbors gardens, which reminded me that for the first time last summer the deer ate all our tomatoes. I guess it was so hot and dry last summer they were after the water in the tomatoes.

  5. Congratulations to you!! I was going to send you this award when saw you’d just received it. We’re all spreading the love!

  6. Congrats on the award and again, thanks for the suggestions of new great blogs to visit.

  7. wow. congratulations.

    thanks for the comment on my blog.

  8. You are a dear one!! Thank you for all that you do!
    It is you that is so deserving of the awards received.
    Blessings to you for passing on your gifts!


    1. Being a spirit-filled Christian! I love the Lord and I am born again. My prayer time and bible scripture reading devotion give me immense happiness. It is such a joy in my life to walk with Christ, to serve and to have a personal relationship with Him. So thankful and happy to live in the light with the one and only true Living God!

    2. Music makes me happy! I can’t go a day without listening to some different types of music that I adore. Instrumental and vocal variations of single or group artists are all among my favorites. I like the oldies, rock, jazz, pop, R & B, country, classical. Not too big on rap though, sorry! Just not my fave, but most everything else is. Christian station daily always.

    3. Shopping! I am a window shopper and devoted clearance rack gal. It’s the hunt of the bargain that I love the most. Happiness is the smile on my face 😀 when I’ve found excellent quality clothing for little of nothing, and groceries for practically nothing or free. I started years ago teaching myself how to stretch my dollar, and have been hooked ever since. I simply won’t pay these high prices for everything out there on the open market! If done consistently, it really pays off! I think it makes anyone happy when they are able to save money and shop!!

    4. Loved Ones deliver happiness. My four daughters who are all on a different wave these days. They range in age from high school to college to the workforce. They are wonderful to me and bring me much happiness, well.. most of the time, lol! It’s a true experience to have all girls. My husband is delighted though and can’t imagine now what it would have been like to have had a son. He’s grateful for the blessings our daughters bring us. They are quite interesting though. Each with a different spin on their personality and bent just a bit differently from the next sister. haha! DH is a keeper. We will soon celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.

    5. The Great Indoors is where I’m happy. I love cooking and decorating. Entertaining is a joy of mine. Grilling just outside on the patio gives me relief in the summertime heat from the kitchen oven. I prefer air-conditioning and staying cool as opposed to the Texas heat and humidity on the Gulf Coast. Iced Tea and lemonade in the summer heat for me please.

    6. A life of happiness with who I am. With all aspects of my life, with my profession. Wouldn’t trade places with anyone for any reason. I am thankful for what I have and what continues to come into my life. I feel very blessed and very comfortable with a loving family, good neighbors, lifelong friends, and a place to lay my head each night. The salt of the earth is my domain.


  9. Enjoyed seeing what makes you happy. That first line about your family…dad. Hehe

  10. Hi! I am so sorry, somehow I missed this! Thank you for thinking of me with this!
    Six things that make me happy:
    Knowing Jesus has saved me
    David & my family
    smiles from children

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