The Difference Between Dogs & Cats

I have met a new blog friend at Beema Blog. His site is interesting! Check out his About section to learn about Beema. I got this video from is site. To all you animal lovers out there~Check this out! Nevis~I know you will love this. 😉

7 Responses

  1. Thanks Mercedes. You Rock!

  2. Mercedes,

    That is why I looove dogs.

    Looks like you are going to participate in Joy’s Ice Cream Round Up too. I have the best recipe…it’s to die for.

    oooohhhhh~I can’t wait!

  3. He is so cute. The cat is too. 😉

  4. When you visited my post on the award I didn’t have you linked. I do now!!!
    That video states the difference in cats in dogs to a T. hehe

  5. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s hilarious! I love it! And VERY accurate!

  6. Love it!!

  7. The video is so true… and yet I love cats and dogs

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