Newspaper Learning

With thousands of words in every issue, newspapers are a great way to build your child’s reading skills. Grab a newspaper, and try these activities.

Matching Game: Have your child cut out several photographs and their captions separately. Mix them up. Matching the captions and the photos will improve his/her reading and comprehension.

Scavenger Hunt: List items in the newspaper (car ad, crossword puzzle, weather forecast), and ask your child to find and circle each one. He/She will build research skills as he/she looks through the pages.

ABC Order: Together, find the names of 5-10 countries, states, and cities in headlines or stories. Let your child copy each one onto an index card and arrange the cards in alphabetical order. This will help him/her practice spelling and learn about geography.

6 Responses

  1. My mom would have us do this when we went on long trips 🙂 She had to keep my brother and I occupied so we would not argue BUT we always ended up doing just that!

  2. Some more good hints for folks with young children.

    I need to get back to you and do the “Sharing the Love” one. That is definitely a worthwhile thing.

  3. You are soooo good! What fun ideas!

  4. Great ideas for parents.

  5. I really like these tips – learning words and current events!

  6. Great hints!

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