Sharing the Love Award

My dear blogging friend at Life Through a Lens has bestowed upon me another award (actually three-but I will do this one at a time) on June 13, 2008. She is wonderful and she has a wonderful site full of pictures and stories!

This award was created by Memoirs of a Mommy. It’s a very special award that she created in Honor Of The Donor That Saved (her son) Noah’s Life. Noah received a heart transplant, and she hopes that by passing this award around the blogosphere everyone can help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.

The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog.

**All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipients to do the same**

This is such a special award and I want to share it with everyone on my blogroll! See it there over on the left? Have I forgotten you? Let me know and I’ll add you. Don’t forget to pick up your award and share the love with your blogosphere~just remember to link back to the originator: Memoirs of a Mommy. 😉

33 Responses

  1. that is cool and how bout you!

    yeah the moon is full tonight – don’t miss it – available wherever clouds are scattered or few 🙂

    You beat me here before I could get there to tell ya-lol!

  2. Thanks! That’s a great pay it forward attitude! You are awesome.

  3. Thanks! It is really nice with a great idea behind it.

  4. Thanks, M. You are so thoughtful! And what a great way to spread the word.

  5. 😛 too cool – too awesome — i salute !!!

  6. Oh sweet, thanks girly…

  7. Too Cool Miss Mercedes! I am going to help spread the word!

  8. your words are too kind

  9. after rereading my comment ~ Let no one be mistaken, your words ABOUT ME are too kind. The award is a great way of spreading the word about organ donation. Thanks for posting it. ~ Life Through a Lens~

  10. Thanks, Mercedes! My personal assistant is an organ donor-well, not yet of course-but it’s on his driver’s license.

  11. What a beautiful Award. I will post it this weekend. I’ll have to check my blogroll against your to see who I can give it to. If I can’t spread the new, I can certainly post it on my site and put it on my Awards page.

    Thank you, Mercedes!

    You can always double award them. 😉

  12. Thanks so much for this lovely award!!

  13. Great reward! I am awaiting a liver transplant myself.

  14. Hi Mer & thanks for such a lovely award I will display it with proudness. You’re too kind

  15. Doh, stupid 2 finger typing skills that was supposed to say….
    Hi Mer & display it with PROUDness
    But if I have to I will display it with PRODness

  16. I have posted it, sidebared it & shared it…..
    Thanks again 🙂

  17. […] its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i got this pretty shair the luv pikcher frum owr gud frend mercedes hoo got it frum her frend at life thru a lens hoo got it frum … well that cud go on forever i […]

  18. This is beautiful and the meaning behind it is even more beautiful. Thank you friend with a beautiful heart!

    Organ donors give many gifts. Many people are concerned that “they” may rush in too quickly before you are really dead. However the exact opposite is true as told by doctors who are involved. More than just a couple of doctors confirm death.

  19. Aw, thanks, Mer! 🙂

  20. Awwww- thank you soooo much I love by Memoirs of a Mommy. She’s an amazing mommy!

  21. Notice that I Proudly displayed it….

  22. hi mere! just posted this one at my site.. so sorry i was so late.. i’ve been busy with my “something really important”… thanx for sharing the love… 🙂

  23. That’s totally awesome Mer! Have a great weekend!

  24. Guuuurl, you so sweeeeet! Thank you!

  25. Truly a gift Mere!
    Thanks for this heartwarming award!!
    Many blessings sent your way!

    My godson was killed in an automobile accident a couple of years ago. His organs and skin were donations that saved the lives of SEVEN other fellow human beings. His heart was one of the donated organs. The eventual followup letters from receiving families sent to his mother were the most incredible life stories blended with overwhelming thanks for her son being an organ donor. Very touching indeed!

    Thanks for organ donors!

    I had a boyfriend years ago that was killed in an automobile accident. He was an organ donor and his organs saved the lives of THREE other people. His eyes were one of his donated organs. He gave the gift of sight to another.

  26. Thank you, Mercedes. That’s a beautiful award to look at, and when we read about the meaning of it, well, it’s even more beautiful and touching. My next door neighbor is on the waiting list for a heart transplant too.

  27. TEN people benefiting from two organ donors. I think that’s incredible. The gift of sight, the gift of life. A very powerful thing.

  28. Hi Mercedes, This is beautiful, I am always so touched by your sweet thoughtful heart. Thank you sweet friend.

    I will be catching up this weekend on your posts.

    Love and hugs

  29. Hey Mercedes.

    Thank you! I’ll be posting this one (and the other award you left me) to the awards section and to a blog post soon on my site. I’ll let you know when it goes up so you can see who I am passing it on to. I’ve been AWOL for awhile and just getting back into the swing of things now.

    I appreciate you and this award!

  30. Hey, thanks!

  31. You are so wonderful, that is a beautiful award!!

  32. […] over at Mercede’s World passed this award on to me and in keeping with my “Love” theme for this month I’d […]

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