Happy Birthday Rusty’s Mom~Sharon

My dear blogging buddy, Sharon at Hustle Hag, has a birthday today! I would like to present to her the Rainbow Blog Award! Happy Birthday~Sharon!

I have created my own personal award that I would like to share with some of my favorite bloggers! When you receive this award~there are no rules to follow. You decide what to do with it: hold it near and dear to your heart, share it with your blogosphere, link to me (wink) or not, and/or pass the Rainbow Blog Award on.

I created this award when I received the Huge Heart Award from my dear friend Deb at The Canvas Grey. I have wanted to create my own awards for some time but when she created the Huge Heart Award and said I was part of her inspiration, I had to get my award creations moving! Deb is the inspiration behind this award.

Sharon: I am so glad that we met via your precious dog, Rusty’s Blog at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty. I have really enjoyed Rusty’s place and your support for me during my journey down Patchy Sickness Road. I am also glad we talked more and realized we have teaching and Texas in common. I thank you for welcoming me to your personal blog at Hustle Hag. You are definitely an inspiration in that you love animals and children as much as I do. You have taken on a great responsibility in taking in your grandson and I admire you for that! Thank you for always being here via blogs or via emails and for your support you have given me: either it be for Patch, for my family, or for my educational decisions. You are truly a Rainbow in my eyes! Happy Birthday! I love you to the rainbow and back!

To all of my Blogosphere: Hope you have a great Memorial Day!

5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Sharon!!!!

  2. I didn’t know it was Sharon’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sharon.

  3. Mere! Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wish, the award and especially for the nice things you said! They warmed my heart and made me feel good. God bless you!

    Dacid took me to Tyler today to get my birthday present, a new camera! Now all I have to do is learn how to use it instead of keeping it on full automatic all the time!

  4. David not Dacid, YIKES.

  5. Happy birthday Sharon!

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