When the Parents Are Gone

When the parents are gone, the dogs will play.

This reminds me of the black lab, Chloe, I once had.

Click here to watch the video-you will need Media Player (I believe) to watch it.

Come on back and let me know what you think!

I am having a little technical difficulties with this-will try to get to work later.

Anyone know how to add a media player video by chance?

One Response

  1. If the video is on YouTube, there should be a field somewhere on the video’s page containing link text. You can paste that into a WordPress post (when you’re in HTML mode), or you can use the “Add Video” button in the WordPress post composer and then put in the link text to the YouTube video. (Is that what you were asking?)

    If you upgrade your WordPress account you can also upload videos directly to WordPress (eliminating the middleman), but last time I checked each upload was limited to 100MB. (Did I just say “limited to 100MB”? Well in MY day we had 1200-baud modems and we connected to text-based BBSs and we watched the screen draw one line of text at a time and …)

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