Don’t Yell Across the House

9 Responses

  1. LOL!!! Kids? How about husbands! Mine yells across the house and we’re both hard of hearing! He yells, I respond and no one knows what the other has said. It’s a zoo!

  2. Good heavens, Calvin! I see you’re putting to good use that list you made of the words your dad said that time it stopped raining just as you were getting ready to go home from your camping trip … 😉

  3. …and now, a word from our sponsor, ‘Tile Flooring of America’… LOL! I think it’s humorous that it doesn’t make you near as angry when it’s a grandkid doing it! 🙂

  4. Hehe So typical.

  5. You just can’t win with Calvin!

  6. I love Calvin and Hobbes! That’s my current comic subscription. I wish that he hadn’t stopped drawing him.

  7. omgoodness, too funny. and I can totally relate! I just finished a post called “Poop happens.” this cartoon feels waaaay to familiar…

  8. I think I posted this one somewhere (if I didn’t, I think I meant to…) LOL

  9. I haven’t looked at Calvin & Hobbes in ages. Hee-hee! Love ’em!

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