I Will Remember You!

I have so much I wanna tell you all-but I just can’t seem to do it right now! I have been so busy and when I am home-it is up and down for us. This song is for you Patch! I miss you so much! R.I.P. Patch!

10 Responses

  1. Beautiful song! Hugs to you!


  2. Take your time sweetie. We’ll all still be here.

  3. I like this song! Keep writing, it will help.
    You remain in our prayers.


  4. stay busy, take your downtime. Mourn your loss.

    You remain in my prayers!

  5. I’m thinking of you daily. I know the house seems empty without him there. Hugs to you sweetie.

  6. Sometimes there just aren’t words. And sometimes you just need a bit of time alone with your grief. Words will come when you’re ready for them.


  7. (((((HUG)))))

  8. Ditto…

  9. I love your avatar picture of Patch!! 🙂

  10. still thinking of you sweetie, even though I’ve not been online much. Hope things are going ok for you.

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