Letters in Review

I did it! I posted every day for 30 days in the month of April! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this theme (letters) at first. Here are the links to my Letters Posts.

I finally decided what I was going to do with this letters theme for NaBloPoMo (Blogthings-one a day for each letter consecutively)

I forgot to post these E quizes along with the other E quiz on E day and had one day left-how convenient-lol

Extra Letters that aren’t Blogthings quizes just thrown in here and there

7 Responses

  1. Well, I have to say, that is rather impressive! I like how you linked to everything. How convenient!

    I’m actually going to finish the challenge this month!!

    Good luck in May!

    Thanks! Good Luck to you too~in May. Any ideas about Voices?

  2. Congratulations Mercedes. I keep thinking I might start one of these post thirty days or do the alphabet or whatever but I just don’t seem to want to commit to it.

    Great job!

    Thank you, Marsha! Not sure if I should have signed up for May~The next three weeks are going to be soooooooo crazy!

  3. congrats! I finished as well (not using the rules of course LOL).

    Thanks! Congrats to you too! You didn’t break the rules~the theme is just a suggestion-thank goodness!

  4. You did great with the letters! Woo hoo! And now it’s May. 😛

    Thanks! You completed the challenge too-correct? Don’t have a clue about Voices-lol!

  5. Good for you!!!! That’s a lot of links. 🙂

    Thank you! I edited this post daily so I could keep up-lol!

  6. You have a lot of stamina and commitment! Congratulations!

    Thank you and thank you! I dunno what I am gonna do for May. Are you in for May?

  7. No way! I’m not going to do NaBloPoMo in May. But, good luck to you. 😀

    LOL! I am wondering why I decided to do it~I guess because I have so much to do and I am procrastinating on the important things-lol! Thanks! You can stop by and do Blog Karaoke with us each day-hehe!

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