P is for Prayers~Again!

Sunday Seven is hosted by Joan at Sunday Seven

Take time now for:

-Reflecting on seven things you’re grateful for or seven meaningful events from the past week
-Anticipating (and allowing us to anticipate vicariously) upcoming events on your horizon
-Celebrating steps of progress you’ve make toward a goal
-Recognizing acts of kindness you have observed or performed
-Requesting support for the week coming up — let us know what you’re concerned about
-Inspiring and enlightening us– if new understandings have come your way

  1. Patch: Still praying for Patch, my 11 year old dalmatian! Hope he gets over this ehrlichiosis. Please read my Dogs page for more stories of Patch’s journey.
  2. My cousin M: that has been battling renal cell carcinoma: the docs have found another tumor in the pelvic area. We are still waiting for the oncologist from his school town to discuss this with another oncologist. It has been two weeks. Praying and waiting for the results.
  3. My aunt L, cousin M’s mother: has been sick and is having tests run! Prayers for her now!
  4. New laptop: I am looking to purchase a new laptop. I have been talking to my older brother and he sent off a quote to his “computer guy” through his company. Praying for a huge discount-hehe.
  5. Jobs: Praying for my Dad that he will stick it out with his new job! Praying for my Mom to find a job! My aunt just got a new job-she is a nurse. Prayers to her during her commute and hoping she is enjoying her new job!
  6. Blog Buddies: I always save room for my blog buddies. You are all in my thoughts and prayers-especially when you are in need of prayers! I believe in the Power of Prayer!
  7. Teaching decision: I am currently contemplating a major teaching change in my career. A fifth grade teacher may possibly be moving away and her position may open up for the next school year. I currently teach Kindergarten and am seriously considering changing grades. I am doing the pros and cons and praying for this. I would appreciate any feedback, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about this decision.

Find the hostess,rules, and more participants here.

Memes: If you like to play, I am hosting Scrumptious Sunday & Hump Day Humor at my other site: Mercedes Rocks. Come on over and check it out! I would love to have you participate! Thanks!

6 Responses

  1. Family
    Friends (near and far)
    God’s Love, mercy and grace
    Jesus dying on the cross for my salvation (and yours and yours and yours too!)
    THE USA!!!

    Awesome prayer list! LYMI!

  2. Ditto to Darla’s..


    You are awesome! HUGS right back!

  3. Great 7, Darla! I third that comment!

    Mere–prayers to your family, Patch, and your career! Fifth graders might be a bit more challenging, but teaching them can be rewarding. One of my best friends teaches 5th or 6th grade. It’s a challenge, but if you can keep them engaged in their learning, they’ll love ya!

    Thanks! I just believe there is sooooo much work involved with younger children. Not that I don’t love the work, but I have other jobs and such to do. Plus I feel like I am losing brain cells the longer I stay in Kindergarten-lol! Love Ya!

  4. I know 5th graders would be tougher than 5-6 year olds but the subject matter would be more interesting. I don’t know???

    Not sure if it will be tougher or not. I used to think that the younger kids were great because they were young and didn’t know about lack of respect…until this year and WHAM! I was wrong-whew! If I did do it-it will be cool because I know most of the children and the ones I know from Kindergarten do respect me now. Respect is such an important word to me-it’s the key word in life for me. Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!

  5. I will be praying for you as you make the decision about changing grades for next year. My daughter taught 5th grade for 12 or 14 years then changed to kindergarten for 3 years. She loved the reduced curriculum stress of kindergarten as compared to upper grades, but she missed the self-sufficiency of the students at times. She is looped up to 1st grade with one of her classes and then stayed there the next year. BTW, the loved looping up with her class – having the same students and parent for two years gave a lot of continuity to instruction.

    I appreciate your hanging in there with Sunday Seven. It may take a while to revive it. I do believe it is important for us “thinking folk” to concentrate on blessings on a regular basis.

    Thanks so much for your prayers and your input on my decision making! I so love Sunday Seven-I hope more participants join in and we can revive it!

  6. I’ll be praying with you!

    Thank you so much!

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