P is for Prayers~Again!

Sunday Seven is hosted by Joan at Sunday Seven

Take time now for:

-Reflecting on seven things you’re grateful for or seven meaningful events from the past week
-Anticipating (and allowing us to anticipate vicariously) upcoming events on your horizon
-Celebrating steps of progress you’ve make toward a goal
-Recognizing acts of kindness you have observed or performed
-Requesting support for the week coming up — let us know what you’re concerned about
-Inspiring and enlightening us– if new understandings have come your way

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X is for X-Men

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader – after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.Power: force beams from your eyes I know nothing about the X-Men-lol

Memes: If you like to play, I am hosting Scrumptious Sunday & Hump Day Humor at my other site: Mercedes Rocks. Come on over and check it out! I would love to have you participate! Thanks!