U is for Update

Hey guys and gals! Thanks for helping me reach over 20,000 sniffs~visits! Woohoo! Party time!

I’ve been very busy lately and probably will be through the month of May. The end of the school year is wild and crazy~especially for ME the Procrastinator-lol! It is also ball season and I like to go to the ball fields and watch my students and former students play ball. I also enjoy the socialization. I really enjoy getting out when I make myself do it. Ball season is great for me right now since I have been quite the hermit lately.

I am also having technical difficulties with my home computer. My jump drive~a.k.a. my life: isn’t working on my home computer. My sound has also stopped working-aahhhh! Well, first I am losing precious blogging time because I am having to share the computer with my bf. I thought I would purchase a laptop for me and let him have the desktop. It looks like I might have to purchase a desktop too-aaaahhhh. Not sure yet.

Tonight is Relay for Life in quite a few places around me. My cousin that has been battling renal cell carcinoma will be walking this evening in Signal Mountain-near Chattanooga. I sure hope it doesn’t rain.

Patch is doing ok! He seems to be getting up and around a little more. He has lost some weight~we have had to tighten his collar over his metal name tag that is secured on his collar. His ears aren’t doing the best right now. They healed up at one time but right now the hair is disappearing quickly. There aren’t any sores though-right now-whew! Bless him! More Prayers for Patch!

I will be a tad bit slower on comment responses and I have also been tagged THREE times~I have some homework on my hands that I gotta get finished-lol. I hope there isn’t a late penalty.

Toodles Noodles,

Love Ya All!

Mad With Barklove!

One Response

  1. Glad to hear that Patch is doing ok, but I wish his ears weren’t bothering him! I know what you mean about the end of the year! WOW.

    To answer your question about me and 2nd grade. I taught 1st grade for 21 years, this is my first year in 2nd.

    The first grade year is a fairly hard year for teachers and students. They have soooo much ground to cover, maturity to aquire, responsibility to learn. It seems overwhelming at times.

    I moved to 2nd grade after all those years mostly because the dynamics of our hall had changed, among the teachers.

    Second has been easier in a way because they came in READING as a general rule. (In first grade they learn to read, in second they read to learn. )

    I like being here on the 2nd grade hall (7 2nd grade classes) I can do more stuff with the kiddos since they can actually read and are able to do more things by themselves. However there is the looming TAKS test in 3rd grade, and we HAVE to make sure they have everything and more! That has been worring me. We’ll see next year when their TAKS is over!

    So, I think that from K to 1st is different but not easier. The rewards in 1st are great though. The progress they make through the year is so evident! Second might be the way to go if you want change and something a little easier.

    Thanks for your feedback! I am wanting to change from Kindergarten to fifth grade-WOW-big jump! The other K teacher (we only have two of each grade) has dibs on a 2nd grade if one should open. A fifth grade position may come open next year and I feel I should just go for it now while I can and before the other senior K teacher leaves me-lol!

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