Q is for Queen

You Are As Cool As They Come

Rational and relaxed, no one could accuse you of being dramatic.You roll with the punches, and nothing ever gets you too worked up.

You are able to maintain perspective and see the big picture.

And even if you’re emotional inside, you don’t let it show.

You’re great at keeping it together, and you’re rewarded for that.

People see you as an ideal friend, employee, and partner.

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One Response

  1. You Are a Drama Princess (or Prince) What? I am a princess.

    You’re not over the top dramatic, but you have your moments. Well yeah,
    You know how to steal the spotlight…Oh really?
    And how to act out to get your way. ACT OUT,,ITS FOR REAL.

    People around you know that you’re good for a laugh.
    More times than not.
    But at times, your drama gets a bit too much for everyone. So…
    Tone it down a tad, and you’ll still be the center of attention. Like how much is a tad?

    SPLORF! You are good for a laugh-you Princess you-lol! A tad would be like a smidgen-hehe!

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