P is for Proud

March 26, 2008~A Treat and a Thank You~: The Aged Cat’s Assistant has bestowed upon us dog lovers something wonderful! She purchased a magnetic dog lover poetry kit and created some wonderful phrases with these magnets. She is so wonderful~she treated us dog lovers with some wonderful phrases about bark love! This is the one I picked up~my favorite! Thank you!

April 1, 2008~Huge Heart Award~: I received this award from my friend Deb at The Canvas Grey! It brought tears to my eyes! Here’s what she had to say *sniff*:

This award when given to someone from me will come with no strings attached to do anything but know that I appreciate them, I’m thankful for them, and I think they are pretty darn special. Once given it can be shared or held close, posted or not because it is simply my way of saying thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.

Mere, this award has in part been inspired by you so you will be the first to receive it! You touch my heart with your love of family, commitment, boundless energy, compassion and openness.

To Ms. Mercedes the HUGE HEART AWARD!

I have been holding these precious gifts near and dear to my heart and now I thought I would share with you my joy of receiving these gifts! Thank you so much!

3 Responses

  1. Miss Queen of meme’s – you’ve been tagged with a lemonade meme: http://ultrabeautyboutique.com/?p=309

    ROFL! I will have to think awhile on this one-really!

  2. Aww…You are definitely all she said and more!! I’m so glad I know you!

    Thank you so much! The feeling is mutual~I am so glad to know you too! Ewe Rock!

  3. […] is for you, Deb at The Canvas Grey! You inspired me with the Huge Heart Award! Thanks so much! You are a rainbow in my […]

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