H is for Hairstyle

Your Ideal Hairstyle:

Sexy Waves


can’t wait for Taz’s response-lol!


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Happy Birthday Message

Gina at Gina’s Public Diary, my wonderful blogging buddy who is also from Tennessee-woohoo, has posted a wonderful Happy Birthday post to me! My comment to the post was so long, I thought I would also post it here. Here is my response!

Thank you so much! *sniff-tears of joy*
I have been having the wrong sleeping patterns-sleeping for about 3-4 hours and getting up at midnight-sh and staying up for 2-3 hours then going back to sleep for a couple of hours-bad me!

Well I had to get back up to make my birthday cupcakes for school. You know how the birthday person always brings cupcakes-I do too. My Mom usually makes them for me, but I decided to this year. When I was very young-like 5 years old, my Mom made me my birthday cake: Cherry Chip Cake with cherry frosting. I loved it! I said then: “I will have this kind of cake every year from now on. Well I have. One year I ended up with three: my Mom, my aunt, and my Granny all made me one. Only one place in or town still sells this cake mix and frosting-thank goodness! Well~I’m up making my traditional “cake” into cupcakes-lol!

When I first woke up-Patch was awake and up. Looking really good! 🙂 I asked him did he need to go outside or was he just wanting to sing me Happy Birthday. You wouldn’t believe how he started talking. He wanted to sing Happy Birthday and he did a wonderful job of it! Then I took him outside-he was running me around-woohoo! The shot he got today must be the Wonder Dog Shot (Imizol)! My Patchy Poo has made it to my birthday! I am so ecstatic! And then I come over here and see this! I believe this is the best birthday ever and it is only 1:00 a.m!

Gina~thanks again! You are a wonderful friend. And since my comment is pretty long-I believe I will copy, paste, and post to my blog-lol!

BTW~I am 36 years old. All of my students know this, but I told them that if anyone asks tomorrow to tell them I am 29 years old. I’m such a good teacher: teaching my students to lie-lol! It ought to be fun to see what they say tomorrow-hehe!

Thanks to everyone here for my happy birthday wishes!
Happy With Bark Love!

p.s. It is also another one of my blog buddy’s birthday today! I will like to shout out to Fighting Windmills and wish her a Happy Birthday too! Happy Birthday Fighting Windmills! Since I am only 29 (wink) You must be 22 years old-lol! Hope you have a great one!