State Fair And Rodeo

Hosted by Dan at The Back Porch!

The Thursday Threesome # 7

State Fair And Rodeo

OnesomeState: What state (or territory) do you live in? Have you lived in any other(s)? Where would you like to live? And as a bonus: Any idea what year your state became a state?
Tennessee-I have only lived in Tennessee-Tennessee became the 16th state in 1796.

TwosomeFair: Or amusement parks: Did you enjoy them as a kid? What was your favorite ride? How do you feel about them now? Ready to go wander around one again, sampling funnel cakes and corn dogs and riding rides until you’re sick? …or would you rather just enjoy the entertainment or stay home and avoid the crowds?
I loved the County Fair as a child. My Granny lived right down the roa, so we could just walk on over. I go to the fair each year at the beginning of the school year with my Kindergarten class. I enjoy this because we look at all of the exhibits. As a child, I never did that. I usually stay away from the fair, but last year I went with my cusin and her girl and I had fun. I rode 3 rides. I am not big into the rides now.

ThreesomeAnd Rodeo: Have you ever been to or watched a rodeo on TV? Did you enjoy it or consider it a barbaric spectacle? If you liked it, what was your favorite event? Ever tempted to race barrels or ride a bull yourself?
I have never been to a rodeo, but I have watched it on TV.I consider it a barbaric spectacle-lol. I have never raced barrels or rode a bull. I am good friends with many barrel racers. I once had a farm with horses and rode all of the time!

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9 Responses

  1. I like going to the rodeo with my father-in-law because he used to ride and had friends who were bull riders so he understands what’s happening. He gives me cool insights to the activities.

    That sounds like fun! Thanks for visiting. I couldn’t find your Threesome-if you did one?

  2. Thanks for your visit about seminary I hope you have good memories from when you were young

    Thanks for stopping by! We won’t go back to when I was young-hehe!

  3. I haven’t visited a county fair until recently. I too am interested in the exhibits–especially so if I discover something unexpectedly geeky. I used to live in Tennessee–I still go back occasionally to visit my parents.

    Cool~Tennessee Rocks! I really enjoyed your Thursday Threesome! Great answers! Thanks for coming over!

  4. I am not too fond of County Fairs. We have one in September, The Los Angeles County Fair. It reminds me of one Giant Swap Meet. or Flea Market. Everyone is hawking something. It’s too hot, too noisy and too expensive.

    Bah humbug….

    I believe that would be a HUGE county fair-lol! I don’t go much anymore. Just once a year on a field trip and I went one night last year. You are too funny!

  5. Hi again! I liked hearing about your state! I have only been to the State Fair in Dallas once and I enjoyed it. I don’t enjoy amusement parks anymore – too old I guess.

    Thank you~Gina’s state too-hehe! I’ve been to Dallas twice to visit my younger brother when he lived there. Matter of fact-the State Fair was going on-I think-but we didn’t go.

  6. I live in Virginia founded in 1607 as the first permanent colony in the New World. (I was an air force brat so moved frequently and then married a pastor who moved us frequently) I like fairs and amusement parks but rarely go. I love funnel cakes and enjoy the craft fair. We used to live in Texas so I have been to many rodeos. I liked the bull riding (but would never want to try it!)

    Thanks for visiting! Cool~in the 1st colony! I really enjoyed your 13 favorite black and white items: dalmatians being my favorite-lol!

  7. ummm….*stealing meme*
    “Hi…just checking in on ya”
    *runs off with a grin*

    Splorf! ROFLMAO!

  8. It’s good to be here reading your posts. Thanks for visiting mine. I only watched rodeo on tv and oh oh, I don’t wanna ride on a bull

    Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your MM!

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