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Thursday Thirteen #6

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13 Things~Patch Update

(Patch is my 11 year old dalmatian that has been “sick” for the last four months. Please read my Dogs Page to catch up on the history. He went to the Vet last Thursday and this is the update)

  1. Yearly Shots: Patch got his yearly shots
  2. Dental Work: He didn’t get his teeth/mouth cleaned because he had a slight fever and his blood work didn’t look to good.
  3. WBC: His WBC (white blood cell count) was high
  4. Anemic: Patch is anemic at this time-I can see it in him now: white lips & gums
  5. Weight:Patch weighed 58 pounds. He has lost 10 pounds since this started-but the Doc feels he should lose weight to help out the arthritis in his legs & back. The bad part is he has flabby places-lol.
  6. Bath-Nails-Flea & Tick Treatment: Patch did get his bath, nails trimmed, and his Revolution treatment. I told Doc C that I would just purchase Revolution monthly now-since I didn’t know what the future held for Patch . Doc C said this medicine had to be bought in bulk. I said, “hhhhmmmm I guess I could find someone that uses it and pass it on if I needed to”. He said, “I use it”. LOL
  7. Lab Work: Doc C had some more tests ran. He still thinks it could be a tick bourne related disease. He ran a test for canine ehrlichiosis. He said that even if the first test is negative, it is good to do a second test in case the first was a false negative. The biopsy of the lymph node suggested this, but said that correlation of the patient history and other findings ruled this out. Doc C also mentioned Cushings Disease and had more tests sent off for this.
  8. Meds: Doc C put Patch back on Tetracycline and he is now on Etodolac for pain. We also have Tresaderm drops to put on the sores on his ears-they are back. He has shown major improvement (not shaking) until today??
  9. Results: Patch is on the above medicine for 10 days and hopefully the results from all of the lab work will be in this Monday or Tuesday.
  10. Going back: Patch will go back for his dental work (we think this will help in some way-at least clear out all of that bacteria) after his results come back-hopefully.
  11. Walks:Patch has been limping terribly on & off all week.
  12. Car Rides: Patch’s favorite thing. For a week and a half Patch didn’t go for any rides except the one to the V-E-T. 🙂 He finally went for a ride yesterday and today-yippee! 🙂
  13. Price of Vet Visit: $355. Price of Patch’s unconditional love: Priceless!
(For some reason, I haven’t been able to bring myself to do this update sooner and I know I didn’t do a thorough job for myself-jut so much)

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18 Responses

  1. Something tells me Patches is becoming one expensive canine. I cannot comment there. I have a $395 vet bill on my desk – Miss Beverly Sills – declaw, debaby machine.

    My best to Patches.

    The Pink Flamingo

    Yes he is but money doesn’t matter when it comes to him. Thanks for your thoughts for Patch! I loved your TT! Baseball rocks!

  2. i sure hope he gets better. I love his name and you can tell you love him

    Thank you! I enjoyed your lists. I remember Seminary. We also have some of the same bad habits-lol!

  3. I sure hope you can get some answers about Patches. It’s so hard when our puppies are sick- they can’t tell us what’s wrong.

    Thank you Melanie! That is what I told him-“I just wish you could tell me what is wrong”. He tries!

  4. Poor Patch. I am glad he can enjoy his car rids at least. Will be waiting to hear the results!

    Thank you for your continued support! Not sure if he will ride today or not-lots of rain.

  5. Oh, I am so sorry patch is hurting. poor baby. poor mommy!

    Thank you so much! Sometimes things are easy and sometimes they are really hard. He is aging so fast right now-bless him!

  6. Yes indeed!!! Patch’s unconditional love IS priceless…you just can’t put a monetary value on a loved one…even the 4 legged kind. Your sweet dog has my prayers and hopes for a full recovery….SOON!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers! Much appreciated!

  7. my younger daughter is a huge animal lover and wants to be a veternarian when she grows up. she has just the right kind of heart to take care of the loved ones of people like you! i hope all is well with Patch!

    thanks for stopping by! happy TT!

    That is great! Thanks for your kind words for Patch! I enjoyed your TT brought to me by the letter A!

  8. wow. Poor baby! I don’t know if I said this before, but our Rosie takes Adequel for her arthritis. It’s made a huge difference for her. Amazing! I hope he’s better soon!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that! Thank you for your kind words too! I enjoyed your memoirs!

  9. Poor puppy. I hope he feels better soon!

    Thank you! I enjoyed your 13 questions you are pondering.

  10. Give Patches a hug from me. Poor thing. We just recently found out that our Dachsund, Sammy, has diabetes. I’ve been giving him insulin shots twice a day and he’s improving. When he was initially tested one of his liver functions was off-kilter as well. Could mean Cushings, but we need to see if the diabetes is controllable before further tests. I completely understand the sick puppy issues. Oh! Give Patches mom a hug too! You deserve one. 🙂

    Bless you! Thank you and hugs right back to you and your Sammy! I enjoyed the sibling actors/actresses.

  11. Sorry it’s adequan. Liquid glucosamine. She took pills but the did nothing. I’m telling you Mercedes. You have to give it twice a week for a month until it gets into her system. Within two weeks, she was a new dog – completely transformed. We were blown away – absolutely blown away.

    This stuff sounds wonderful! I will be asking Patch’s Doc about it! He definitely has all of the signs of arthritis! Thanks so much!

  12. Oh Patch…feel better soon:)

    Me too! I enjoyed your TT of famous people you have seen!

  13. I think your school district must pay better than mine. I could never afford a dog!

    Feel better soon Patch!

    LOL! Thanks for the kind words for Patch! I enjoyed your 13 words to introduce to young children. I’m sure you make more being speech pathologist-but you also have two kids and your cost of living is probably higher…and I’m broke-lol!

  14. Sure hope Patch gets better! I love my dogs a lot and can sympathize. My older girl dog has some sort of infection and is on antibiotics. She goes back to the vet tomorrow.

    Best wishes to you and Patch!


    Thank you! I hope your girl’s dog gets better too. I hope she doesn’t have to make too many more vet trips! I enjoyed your April Fool’s hoaxes!

  15. Poor baby. I hope he feels better soon. When I spend a lot of money on my dog’s vet bills, I always tell myself–well, if we had kids, it would cost SO MUCH MORE. That makes it better. We spend a lot of money on two little bitty chihuahuas. Hehe

    That is how I think too!

  16. Patch is lucky to have a devoted owner like you!

    Thank you very much!

  17. I hope Patch will feel better soon ! yes vets are quite expensive in Belgium too !

    Thank you! Still trying to find your blog!

  18. 😦 Poor doggie!

    I know it!

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