Things That Need Fixin’ Up Around Here


This meme is hosted by Yano at Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday #6

10 Things I Would Fix In My Home

(if I had the time and money…and I owned the house-lol)

  1. No carpet. I would remove all of the carpet in this house and have wood floors. I’ve had both and no carpet is much more sanitary-especially with pets.
  2. Electricity: The electrical outlets in this house need some major updating-I believe it is the original and I only have 2 outlets that include the 3 prong plug-great!
  3. Even floor: I believe the house has settled-duh!The floors sink in at places and need to be leveled.
  4. Drapes: I need some major window treatments (drapes, curtains, and valences) for the whole house. I just can’t bring myself to do it here.
  5. Trees: I wish I could cut down the 2 apple trees, the 2 pine trees, and the walnut tree. The stuff I have to pick up is such a hassle and the apples don’t turn out good anyway. I have plenty of other trees all over the yard. I like trees that are beautiful and only produce leaves that fall-lol!
  6. Outside: I have 1 and a 1/2 acres and I would love to have my back yard fenced in. Patch, my 11 year old dalmatian, would love this too.
  7. Multicolored walls: The walls in this house are multicolored shades of white, off white…The whole house needs to be re-painted professionally. Not paint here and there and plaster there and here-aahhhh!
  8. Open/Shut Doors: The whole house needs new doors to the rooms. The door handles are not secure and you might shut a door and never get back in-hehe. Plus the doors are the original and are tearing/pealing off which can cause splinters or be a danger for my dog, Patch.
  9. Vinyl Floor: My kitchen floor is the original 1970’s yellow floor, I’m sure of it. It has torn places everywhere and you can see the concrete directly underneath. My favorite color is yellow-but when I see my floor-I wanna barf-hehe! I need a new kitchen floor!
  10. Earth: The earth/ground outside needs leveling and holes need filled. It is a danger zone in many spots. I just avoid those places, because my feet don’t work well on stairs or in holes.

My house is really a great house for the price compared to most in my area, but this sums up what I really need to do: NEED TO MOVE!

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12 Responses

  1. Very intricate list, Mercedes! I agree on the paints! We need that, too! Thanks for dropping by my site.

    You’re welcome and ditto right back at ya! Your list seems very do-able!

  2. Very nice idea with the acronym!!

    Thank you! Nice list you have too!

  3. Very interesting, sounds like we all have some of the same ideas, thanks for stopping by earlier!

    I really enjoyed your oasis idea! Have a great day!

  4. I have wood floors in my house…no carpet and I love it!

    Great list.

    Thanks for stopping by! We did just get a roof on our house-woohoo!

  5. We should be getting new windows and doors soon. They should be coming in any day now.

    Good for you!

  6. Great list. I enjoyed it. We have hardwood floors and I do love them. I would never go with carpet ever again.

    I once had no carpet and I can’t wait to go back! I posted what I had for Sunday Dinner at Jedd’s parents house.

  7. Wow- great list! I do understand on the leveling factor…. whew!
    Hugs to Patches! and have a great week ya’ll!

    Thanks for stopping by and sending hugs to Patch! I completely understand your security updates at your place!

  8. Lotsa to-do’s here and unfortunately, they’ll all cost money. If you’re like me, it’s not easy to come by.

    We have similar answers on quite a few. Great minds think alike?

    Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I’m like you-but even if I did have the money I wouldn’t do these things-hehe-rental property. We did think alike on many: walls, floors, and windows!

  9. Your #3 should be on my list too… Our house was built in 45, and the floors just are NOT even anymore, it drives me insane.

    Have a great week!

    Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you will be working on the basement-lol! I love the Florida Room-cool!

  10. I should have added more outlets too. Our home is an old farmhouse so needs lots of repairs.

    Thanks for coming over! I love your falling daisies! The work you want done sounds wonderful! I would love to be back on a farm!

  11. I’d like to do a lot of those same things at my house too. Not the carpet though- I prefer carpet with a toddler. She slips so easily on our non-carpeted floors.

    Thanks for coming over! Yes-if I had children, my views on carpet might change-not sure!

  12. Wow! You’re planning on some major renovations!

    Thanks for stopping my mine 🙂

    No~I’m not~I will be moving before I personally do any of these-lol! This isn’t my house! You are so welcome! Come on back anytime!

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