Ten Things Tuesday

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It’s “Ten Things Tuesday”, and that means it is time to put your on your happy face, and share your ten things for which you’re thankful for today!! And if your happy face is hiding? Make your list anyway, and just see if it doesn’t make an appearance!

Ten Things Tuesday #2

  1. Patch jumped on his bed: I am thankful that Patch (my 11 year old dalmatian that has been sick for 4 months-read my Dogs page for more stories) jumped up on his bed (Grandpa’s bed) today. He hasn’t been on his bed in a week and a half! He could only make it on his ottoman-sometimes needing help!
  2. Patch went for a ride: I am thankful that Patch got into his car today and went for a ride even though Jedd let him poop and guess who had to clean it up. Thank goodness he is on plenty of cheese for his meds-good solid stuff-TMI-lol! Anywho~car rides are his FAVORITE thing to do and he has only been on one to the V-E-T in the last week and a half!
  3. Etodolac: Pain medicine for Patch. I believe we have found the right med for Patch at this time. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. We now believe that he is in pain and it isn’t anxiety. The last med the Doc put him on made him sick (Cipro). Doc said 1 in 3 dogs can’t take it. Patch is one of those three-lol!
  4. Rain: I am so thankful for the rain we are receiving right now and have been for two days! We had such a drought last year and are still trying to catch up!
  5. Birds Chirping: I love the sound of birds chirping-if I am not trying to sleep-hehe! It is a sign of life and new growth-Spring is here!
  6. Spring Break: I am thankful for Spring Break right now. I am getting a lot of stuff done-blogging-lol! I have posted 5 posts today and one more to go-hehe! I am getting a necessary break from the classroom and the children are getting a necessary break from the classroom too!
  7. Dad gets a job: I am so thankful that my Dad is finally working after almost two years. I just hope he sticks with it. He has been working quite a lot since he started last week. *kneeling to pray for dad*
  8. My cousin Sarah: I am so thankful and proud of my cousin, Sarah. She has been on a mission for the last year to become more self-sufficient for her and her child. She has enrolled in beauty school and is doing great!
  9. Blogosphere: I am so thankful for my blog and my blog buddies. Sometimes I believe that my friends are really in my computer. I really appreciate the visits I get and the kind words I receive! I love to visit others too! I feel like I “know” a lot about my blog buddies! *hugs to all*
  10. Animal Shelters: I am thankful for animal shelters all around for the hard work they do to save animals’ lives! I will be assisting the local animal shelters in the near future for our Service Learning Project. Stay Tuned!
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9 Responses

  1. This is an awesome list! Glad that your dog is doing better and that’s awesome about your dad! Hope you’re having a wonderful Spring Break!!

    Thank you, thank you and yes-awesome! Sorry it took me so long!

  2. Too funny! Glad your dog is feeling better. And I love chirping birds! We all do around here, bird was one of both of my older two girls’ first words.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about Patch. Curious as to which part is too funny-?? My bf loves Happy Hour at Sonic! I love my blog! Have a great day!

  3. Great list! Chirping birds is such a great sound…

    I have to ask, where are you located in TN, if you don’t mind my asking? My entire family is from there and I am a huge Vols fan. 🙂

    Thanks for coming over! I posted the answer to your question on your blog!

  4. So glad Patch is feeling better! I taught Kindergarten for 5 years before staying home with my girls. There are some days when I miss teaching those precious little ones!

    Thank you! Cool-Kindergarten for 5 years. Your current job sounds really interesting too: making hair bows and designing blogs-cool!

  5. glad you’re enjoying your spring break! i’ll have to check out your other blogs and memes.

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can join us in one or both of my memes! Thanks for the appreciation you give to teachers!

  6. happy spring break!! Great list : )

    Thanks! I enjoyed your peaceful day too!

  7. My friends live in the computer too. I feel like I “know” you because you are so honest and sharing. Loved this list. So glad Patch got to go for a ride.

    Thank you and the same goes for you! Patch just got back from a ride with no accidents-woohoo!

  8. I love your list! Always interested in dog stories. I just posted one on my blog. I’m sorry your dog has been sick, but I’m glad you found a good medication that works!

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about Patch. I enjoyed your dog/groundhog story with the pics. I love your property! Beautiful!

  9. I once had a dog named Patches! Hope your pup is feeling better. I LOVE my dog — I’m rather obsessed. I’m serious, he even has his own profile on Dogbook (the dog’s facebook)

    Cool! Thank you to a fellow Tennessean! Woohoo! Come on back anytime!

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