F is for Fun Flowers


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Wordless Wednesday #6

F is for Fun Flowers

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31 Responses

  1. This one is for you girlfriend, come over and get it! HUGS!

    *tears streaming down my face* Thank you so much! This means so much to me! *sniff* That’s all I can say right now! *sniff*

  2. That was fun!

    Glad you enjoyed it! I love the pic of your doggy!

  3. hummmm.. I can’t seem to get the page with your wordless wednesday picture to load.. I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe my computer is acting up..

    Oooohhhhh~I hope you get to it! It’s so much fun! I really enjoyed the memory lane pics of braces-aahhhhh!

  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing…
    Mine is up My Digital Snapshot

    Thanks & You’re welcome! Your pic of Kelly mixing pancakes is beautiful!

  5. OH that is so much fun and it looked so spring like..
    I could use some spring like weather it is 35 degrees here brrrrrrr…
    The whole braces thing is new to me.. I never had them and neither did DH.. I heard the tighting of them are painful.. but Princess got this new kind on that they don’t have to tighten, they tell us it isn’t painful.. the bracets have doors on them and they don’t have to tighten them they just have to open the doors and put a new wire in them when they are ready to go to a tighter wirer.. So hopefully they are right and it won’t be too bad on her..

    Thanks for sending me the link to your WW

    Glad you got it to work! I’m sure braces have come a long way since 18 years ago-ouch that hurts to say that-lol! Good Luck to the both of you!

  6. That was fun!! I had the whole screen full of flowers! Happy WW!

    Glad you enjoyed it! I want one of those pastries at your place-lol!

  7. Cute! Holding the mouse down and dragging it around the screen was fun! Enjoy your day!

    Glad you had fun! I couldn’t find your site 😦

  8. I love it!
    I miss spring flowers so much. Baja and the beach have their special beauty.
    But flowers in spring…

    Great! I loved your shells pic too!

  9. Wow that was cool!!!
    Almost like a fireworks display

    It’s addicting! It can go on and on and on and on……LOL!

  10. I made a field full of wildflowers! That was fun! Thx for visiting me!

    It’s addicting! Glad you had fun! You are welcome & thanks for visiting me too! I enjoyed your candid shot of the ladies talking!

  11. that’s a wonderful entry, mercedes. i filled my screen with the spring flowers. it was nice. hehehe\

    happy WW!

    Thank you! I enjoyed your flower pic too~beautiful!

  12. I loved that. Awesome! Happy WW.

    Glad you enjoyed! I like your elephants too-so would my Mom-lol!

  13. Very Cool. Happy WW.

    Thanks for coming over! I enjoyed your shot of the Gala!

  14. OOOH that was fun!!!

    Glad you liked it! I enjoyed the tribute you posted with your pic for your MIL! My condolences to you and your family!

  15. Beautiful! Welcome to Spring!

    For those who are interested, my shot is Green Grass

    Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love you picture and your site of all of your pictures!

  16. Wow….the flowers were just like the Energizer Bunny….they kept ‘growing’ and ‘growing’!!!

    Happy W W

    Splorf-LOL! You are crackin’ me up! I enjoyed your beautiful green yard/garden!

  17. What fun! It really makes me wish spring was here right now!

    It kind of is here: little cold and wet, but the birds are a chirpin’

  18. Ohhhhhh, how did you do that? It is beautiful. MB

    Thanks! It was an email forward that I linked to. I wish I knew how to do that. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. How fun!

    Cool isn’t it? Your brother and sister love pics are great!

  20. I had so much fun creating a flower garden! Great WW!

    Thanks! Of course you got a sneak peak first-hehe!

  21. Love your signature. I made one months ago and it is sitting in “my pictures”. Do you have to manually put it in at the bottom of each post or is there a way to make it automatically go in? Thanks.

    I am manually doing it! I haven’t researched to see if it can automatically be there-don’t think so though.

  22. That kind of flower garden needs no weeding!

    I can handle this type of gardening! LOL

  23. so fun! my kids will love that!

    Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know what they think!

  24. Ahhh, flowers! Too bad my flower beds don’t look that good 🙂

    ROFL! I don’t have any flowers-hehe!

  25. That was so so so fun! It made my day!! HUGS!!

    I’m glad I could help! HUGS right back!

  26. Oh, how wonderful!! **giggling & clapping hands** I love it! Happy Wednesday. 🙂

    I loved your doggy photo too!

  27. Someone was very creative!

    Thank you! Thank you very much…it is an email forward.

  28. What a fun website! Just by reading your blog I can tell that you are an awesome teacher! (I think I read that on your bio). I just got a chance to read your 10 things from yesterday and I love all of the comments about Patch. I am a dog lover, too! We have 2 Bichons and they are pretty fun!

    Thank you and thank you! Yeah for dogs and dog lovers! I enjoyed your ten things-especially the ones about your grandfather (so sweet) and your brother (too funny)!

  29. OK – That was fun! Thank you for stopping by our little blogspot. Have a great WW.

    Glad you liked it!

  30. that was soooo fun…love it.. thanks

    I just love checking out what great things you have on here everyday..thanks for the daily fun

    Glad you had fun and I’m glad you enjoy my place here! I need to get over to your place more and catch up with Spotlis!

  31. That was a fun WW!!

    Glad you had fun! I really enjoyed your memoirs!

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