Going to the Vet…again

Patch is going to the Vet again Friday morning. Jedd has to work, so my Dad is coming over after he gets off of work to take Patch to Doc C. I have the honors of going on a Field Trip to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who. This is my list I made for Dad to take to the Doc. I hope I have it all covered. For those of you that don’t know about Patch-he is my 11 year old dalmatian that has been going through some tough times these last four months. You can read my Dogs page to learn more.
Needs, problems, & thoughts

• Yearly Shots
• Teeth & mouth cleaned (horrible breath, drooling, & sores-we have thought this might be part of his problem)
• Is it possible for him to get a bath (no perfume) and nails clipped if needed-Today?
• Has hard time breathing and swallowing. He smacks and makes weird noises with his mouth. Could there be an obstruction in his throat and/or nose?
• Trembles/Shakes-at various times. He also will do this in his sleep and sometimes has a rhythm with his breathing.
• He has been blah for a week and looks like he is miserable.
• Sneezes often-but no blood yet.
• Hasn’t been for a car ride for a week (favorite thing to do, but can’t get into the car)
• Front legs (behind the “knees”)-noticed lumps/swelling of nodes possibly
• Limping (possibly arthritis-or could it be the lymph nodes/lumps behind the legs/knees?)
• Cipro made him sick-not taking it now
• Not taking the nerve meds either (I believe now that it is pain and not nerves)
• Has a knot on the right, back side of his neck
• Ears and Nose bother him and he scratches/ rubs them. (Wants to shake head often, but looks like it is difficult for him-thinking it could be the knot or the ears-not quite sure). I have continuously wondered if he has ear and/or nasal mites. Is there a test that can be done to check for these?
• Sores on body again and he continuously cleans/licks them and other places-creating more bad spots.
• We sometimes wonder if we should have just left him on Prednisone and Tramadol for pain even though we know Prednisone isn’t a good long term thing and Tramadol kind of made him wobbly. We understand arthritis and can handle that, but we feel there are other problems that we wish could be pinpointed.

*Medicine & Drugstore: Please do not copy/steal this post.*

10 Responses

  1. I am so sorry Patch is not well ~ again. Yes, I would be honored to be your first featured blog. Thank you so much.

    Thank you! You’re welcome-hehe! I believe I will start/do this on Sundays/Mondays!

  2. Sweetie, still praying for your furry friend. I know it’s rough not going to the doc yourself to voice all your concerns, so I hope Dad did a good job of filling in for you. Looks like you had a good list, and I’m sure if the doc had any other questions he’d call you.

    I watched 101 Dalmatians last night with Jayna and thought of you.

    Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers and for thinking of me during 101 Dalmatians-hehe!

  3. You have a very detailed list for your dad to take to the vet. Poor baby–he sounds like he is really not feeling well at all. I hope the vet can help today.

    I am good at these lists if I can’t take Patch to the Vet. I call them too to tell them what is on the list. I sure hope he can help too!

  4. Aww! Poor Patch!!! 😦

    I know-bless him!

  5. Poor Patch, I am so sorry to hear that he is doing so poorly again. He is in my prayers. Keep us informed.

    Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers!

  6. Poor Patch. I sure hope he gets better.

    Me too!

  7. Man this is just not cool I feel so bad for Patch and you too Mer.

    It isn’t cool! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!

  8. Oh dear! How’d Patch make out at the v-e-t’s yesterday? Poor fella! and poor you! Navigating the “best possible options” for your buddy can be nervewracking.

    Keep us posted, Mercedes. Give him a pat from me and here’s a hug to you too.

    I need to post an update, but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Patch thanks you for the pat and I thank you for the hug-much appreciated! Hugs right back to you too!

  9. Hope you got your questions answered by the vet! It is so hard to watch a sick pet. I had to go through it a year ago. Very difficult! Hugs to you!!!

    Thanks so much!

  10. Hope patch is on the mend. Keep us posted. (Or did you and I missed it? – I feel so loopless lately).

    I haven’t updated yet. He is doing much better right now-I will update-soon.

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