Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


The Thursday Threesome #6

The Thursday Threesome is hosted by Dan at The Back Porch!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Onesome: Something old– Do you have anything that you’ve owned simply forever? A cherished childhood toy, an antique handed down through the family? …the family Bible?

I still have my toy china tea set, my china doll, and many other childhood memories. Patch (my dalmatian) has taken over a few of my childhood stuffed animals. I also have many afghans that my Granny made over the years.

Twosome: Something new– Buy anything new lately?

I just bought Jedd and his Dad some orange Tennessee crocs, and I got myself some chocolate (color) crocs. I know many do not like these shoes, and I swore I would never wear the “ugly” things until I received a pair for Christmas in 2006. I fell in love! They are soooo comfortable and work great being a Kindergarten teacher. I fit right in with the kids-lol!

Threesome: Something borrowed– Have you ever borrowed an item and never returned it?

I have my friend’s carpet cleaner right now. I have tried to return it, but she told me to keep it until I didn’t really need it anymore. It has come in REAL handy during Patch’s (my 11 year old dalmation: Read my Dogs page if you want to get the details or catch up) sickness. I DO plan on returning it, but I have a feeling she used it as an excuse to buy a new one.

Bonus: Something blue-Can you see anything blue from where you are? What is it?

I have a lighthouse pen/pencil holder. I see the blue sky and the blue water on it. I also have a lighthouse calendar and I see the blue sky and water there.

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7 Responses

  1. Onesome: Something old- Mother-in-Law Splorf!
    Twosome: Something new- 12 string guitar, got it 2 days ago Good for you
    Threesome: Something borrowed- Michelle my wife, her parents didn’t want her back… 😦 Only joking Love it!
    Bonus: Something blue- Me, it’s 3am & quite cold here ROFL

  2. Hi again
    The “Random blog” image I just found on google images & added the on screen writing myself with Microsoft Paint.
    I’ll email the full size pic to you

    Thanks! I did some searching and I chose another one-so we could be different! I might use yours as a header for the post though-if ya don’t mind! BTW~I don’t know if you have read a few of my posts where I mention Jedd’s aunt & uncle: They just got back from 6 weeks in Australia. They have friends there and go once or twice a year. Not sure where though.

  3. Onesome: Yup, grandfather clock shown here: beautiful

    Twosome: Yup, valances shown here: I love those colors together

    Threesome: Me, no. My husband borrowed a chainsaw from a guy 2 years ago and has yet to return it (the guy lives an hour away and says he’s in no hurry, sure hope he meant it), so I guess that counts. Sounds like my carpet cleaner-lol

    Bonus: Yup, my bedroom walls and ceiling are blue (same color as the bathroom where the valances are hung). AND my bedspread has blue in it (along with brown) and so do my curtains). That must count as a LOT of extra credit points – THAT much blue around me. 😀 So much blue-I hope it doesn’t make you feel blue-lol!

  4. Onesome: Something old- me crazy woman
    Twoesome: Something new – my paycheck woohoo
    Threesome: Something borrowed – A computer program cool
    Bonus: Something blue – my beautiful eyes Ooohhhh~I didn’t think of that-how did you see them-lol

  5. old: this tv in the den LOL
    new: my camera woohoo
    borrowed: can’t think of anything???? That’s a good thing!
    blue: an ad for Arby’s on the computer desk has blue on it HA!

  6. old: a wonderful lady I took to vote early yesterday LOL~good thing!
    New: BARBIES for my niece’s bday (with the barbie pool) Yippee
    borrowed: I return everything Good for you
    Bonus: blue eyes, and blue slippers to match blue jammies I received at xmas Cool!

  7. Doh!!! 😦 your computer screen blog of the week image is better than mine, I want a better one too now

    Doh!-ROFL! GO for it! I wanted a bigger one, because I am hoping to include the blog name and URL so people can click on the screen to take them to the blog. I used your computer screen with your words on my Awards page to show that I was the Blog of the Week! Check it out!

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