Things To Do Before You Get Married


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Ten on Tuesday #5

10 Things to Do Before You Get Married

This is gonna be a hard one-lol! IMO-Marriage is the number one reason for divorce-ROFL! Some of these are serious and some are just for fun! My post has become more of a things to do checklist for a spouse-to-be. Maybe I am just thinking out loud for myself here-HA! Enjoy!

  1. Get your degree: or get as much education as you can
  2. In-Laws: Remember that your best option with in-laws is to marry an orphan…LOL
  3. Live with the person: to see how it works-you can find a lot out about your relationship by doing this
  4. Personal Hygiene: Find out your significant other’s personal hygiene. How often do they tidy their home? Wash dishes? Vacuum? People are either messy or tidy in general. Which one are they, and can you live with it?
  5. Children: Discuss children. Find out if you both agree on having or not having children. Also discuss discipline methods-do you both agree?
  6. Watch how the other treats his/her family: Much of their personality is probably bits and pieces that come from the way they were raised, and how their family acts. All families have issues, but make sure that you are comfortable with the closeness, or distance, of their family to your new lives.
  7. Pets: If you love pets, make sure you and your significant other agree about this and how your pets will be part of the family! You gotta love dogs to be with me-lol
  8. Hobbies/Fun Time: can you have some separate time without feeling guilty? Or without pressure from the other? I know he can. not sure that I can-hehe!
  9. Realize and know: that you can never change someone-they are who they are. So be it!
  10. Toilet Paper: Make sure you and your significant other agree on: Over the top or from behind or on the roll at all? ROFL
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2 Responses

  1. Oh….
    I wish I knew about the Marry an Orphan rule 12 years ago…
    The “Back to the future” movie always made me wonder that If I went back in time & commited murder of a certain not-to-be-named-woman, just after Michelle was born then when I return to now I would be Mother-in-Law free!!!!

    I really loved that one too! If I were married-the MIL is ok, but the SIL is one major $!!@$! LOL!

  2. Ha True.


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