Ten Things Tuesday


This meme is hosted by XBOX WIFE

It’s “Ten Things Tuesday”, and that means it is time to put your on your happy face, and share your ten things for which you’re thankful for today!! And if your happy face is hiding? Make your list anyway, and just see if it doesn’t make an appearance!

  1. Awoke from my dream: I am so thankful I awoke from my dream: I had Mary Kay make-up products open (at school-I never do this) and I was giving a lady a book. I told the car riders to get up (nap time) and they all hovered around the samples digging in the make-up with their fingernails-aaahhhhh! Then I woke up-thank goodness!
  2. Alarm Clocks with Snooze: I am thankful that I have an alarm clock: with a snooze (I rarely use snooze) that works. My alarm awoke me from that horrible nightmare-lol
  3. Jedd sleeps peacefully: I am thankful that Jedd was snoozing peacefully: since I hit the snooze button 2 times and the alarm went off 3 times
  4. Patch is still with me: I am soooo thankful that my 11 year old dalmatian, Patch is still with us. He has been sick on and off for 4 months. He was mis-diagnosed as having lymphoma, then correctly diagnosed as NOT having lymphoma. Please see my Dogs page for previous stories of Patch.
  5. Coffee was ready: I am so thankful that this morning of all mornings I set the coffee to auto last night-since I hit snooze 2 times. Whew!
  6. Mary Kay Order: I am thankful that my Mary Kay order arrived and I will be delivering orders this afternoon and receiving payments. Payments are a good thing!
  7. Granny: I am thankful that my Granny is doing much better and seems to be on the right track! She is 91 years old.
  8. My Aunt: I am thankful that my aunt has finally landed a job! She is a nurse and her previous job closed down the Nursing home. She utilized her time off by having knee replacement surgery, but was in a rut after recovery while trying to find a job. She found one-woohoo!
  9. Spring Break: I am thankful that Spring Break is almost here. My Spring Break starts on Friday at 3:30 p.m. BTW-I am a Kindergarten Teacher, but it is time for a break for the kiddies and me-lol!
  10. Ten Things Tuesday: I am thankful that I have met XBOX WIFE and that we are getting to know each other pretty quick-hehe! I am thankful that she has created this meme, she is doing wonderful things with it, and that I was invited to participate!
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9 Responses

  1. Hi! This was a great list of things to be thankful for. I just finished my spring break, and it was wonderful! I hope you have fun on yours. I was glad to read about patch, bless his heart. Give him a pat for me.

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed your Spring Break. Counting down to mine! Patting Patch for you now-hehe!

  2. Great list! I am very impressed at how techno savy you are! Thanks so much for visiting our blog! Have a wonderful day!

    Thank you! I really enjoyed your header pic too and you have beautiful children! You’re welcome and come back anytime!

  3. what a funny dream! i wonder what it means, hmmmm? hope you had a wonderful easter! enjoy your spring break! yaay!!!

    It meant I needed to get up-lol! I believe what triggered the dream was I was looking through the MK catalog before I went to bed-then I hit snooze twice and the alarm was trying to remind me to get to school-lol! That is how MK got mixed with my class-hehe! Thanks for coming over, chicadee! Love Ya!

  4. I love your list! I used to teach Kindergarten too & lived for Spring Break!!! It was such a nice break from all of the 5/6 year olds. I always came back from break refreshed & was ready to see them. Thanks for stopping by my site!

    Thank you and thanks for visiting! I hope the pink eye at your house gets better!

  5. Yea! So glad you did this! It’s an awesome list!!! You have a lot of things for which to be thankful!

    Thank you and thanks for inviting me! I believe have 3 memes for Tuesday-lol

  6. It’s good you woke up from that dream. HA So glad Patch and your Granny is still here. I’ve got to do that with my coffee pot.

    No doubt! The coffee thing is great, just don’t accidentally push on-lol! I have done that before and didn’t realized it until it wsa mid-way through with a pot fairly late at night-hehe!

  7. I love your 10 things and that you love your automatic coffee pot!! How great!
    Also, having married into a deeply rooted Tennessee family, I so appreciate your blog about ” you know you are from Tennessee if….” We just painted our 20 month old son’s room Tennessee orange (yes, it’s a real paint color from Lowe’s) and white. My husband’s family is from Jamestown and Knoxville so my children bleed orange thanks to their father!! 🙂

    Yes-I know all about the orange blood! Jedd and his dad have closets dedicated to their orange clothes-lol! Go Vols! Thanks for coming over!

  8. Hmmmm…
    Ten things???
    That’s about how many hairs are left on my balding little head. There could be less, so I am thankful that I have so much hair.

    ROFL! You are too much! I bet you even crack yourself up-lol!

  9. Yes I do…
    Some times I start laughing about something I thought up & Michelle thinks I’m just weird :-/

    You sound so much like me! Patch looks at me that way too-lol!

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