Random Ramblings

I have had some various things going through my mind and instead of posting about each one, I just thought I would ramble on about them. I talk out loud, ask questions out loud, and often answer back-lol. This is me just rambling out loud! Feel free to comment, leave feedback, and leave suggestions. Have a great weekend & Happy Easter!

  1. Tonight: I just went to get Jedd something to eat. It is a beautiful night! The moon is awesome! That is why Easter is this Sunday: The Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Solstice. I just saw a cool bumper sticker: God answers “Knee-mail” 🙂
  2. Internet Browser: I am using Mozilla Firefox now. I have tried it before, but I am a creature of habit, so I went back to Internet Explorer. I decided to try it again, because some blogs at blogspot load slow and I thought I would test out the difference. WOW! What a difference. I have fallin’ in love. I just got to get the hang of it. What internet browser do you use?
  3. Laptop: I have been wanting a laptop for some time now. I am really ready to purchase one now. Jedd has found something else to do on the computer, which is cutting into my computer (blogging) time-lol! Any suggestions on what kind to purchase or what I really need to have loaded on it?
  4. Memes: I have recently found some more cool blogs by participating in memes! I love participating in memes! Check my What are Memes Page to learn more. Do I need to continue to post a link to more about memes on my memes posts? Has it been helpful?
  5. NaBloPoMo: I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of March. The theme is lists. I haven’t followed the theme every day (isn’t required) but I have posted every day. I am going to participate in April too. The theme is letters-won’t be following the theme for that much-I don’t think. I have been posting a NaBloPoMo Button at the bottom of each of my posts. I am not going to do that anymore. I have the badge in my sidebar and I have NaBloPoMo as one of the categories/tags.
  6. Mr. Linky: I have been using Mr. Linky where bloggers can add their links to their posts that relate to my posts (usually memes). I was going to stop using this and just let bloggers comment and find them through their comments, but a blogger commented today and I couldn’t find her through her link there. Thank goodness she left her link with Mr. Linky. I finally found her. So using Mr. Linky is still up in the air.
  7. Death in the family: My Dad’s cousin was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away yesterday morning. Bless him and his family!
  8. Tims Ford State Park: I will be going to Tims Ford State Park this weekend. My aunt and her family (from Signal Mountain, TN) have a cabin there for the weekend. I’m not sure if the whole Gunsmoke Gang (Matt, Dillon, Marshall) will be there or not. Matt is my 19 year old cousin who is battling renal cell carcinoma and has been for 5 years. I hope to see him there.
  9. Dad: Dad came over today and visited me. He also washed 3 loads of clothes.I napped more than visited-oops! He had a good visit with his grandchild too: Patch. I’m glad he came over! I love my Dad! He is awesome!
  10. Patch: Patch isn’t doing good right now. We went to the Vet this week and Doc C took him off of the antibiotic and put him on Cipro. I have read that Cipro is not FDA approved for dogs. He has gotten sick twice this week shortly after I have given him this horse pill. He has been so blah this last week. His sores are coming back-in the same places. He also is shaking/trembling again-which is how the whole thing started. He has been licking more spots on him and creating more sores. Aaaaahhhh! I just don’t know what to do. I had planned on having his yearly shots the first week of April (Spring Break) and also having him sedated to have dental work done. I may have to do this sooner. I still wonder if he has ear and/or nasal mites. I am going to ask the Doc to do scrapings and look under the microscope. Doc C says the skin problems are an autoimmune disease. He is also on an anxiety med which supposedly doesn’t take effect until after a few weeks of taking. But what is making him sick? Please view my Dogs Page to read more about my 11 year old dalmatian who got sick at Thanksgiving. He was mis-diagnosed with lymphoma and correctly diagnosed with not having lymphoma. We just need a correct diagnosis on what in the world is really going on! Thanks so much for your continued support, thoughts and prayers! WOOF!

Memes: If you like to play, I am hosting two new memes (Scrumptious Sunday & Hump Day Humor) at my other site: Mercedes Rocks. Please come on over and check it out! I would love to have you participate! Thanks!


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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lot is going on with you. This is what I was commenting on the other day: http://hustlehag.blogspot.com/2008/03/life-apppens.html Things don’t happen in a calm orderly fashion. They don’t let you deal with one thing then bring up the next. No, it comes in big bunches right on your doorstep at one time. I will be praying for you and Patch. Bless his sweet heart. and bless yours. Take care .

    I couldn’t get to the post through the link. I even tried to edit this comment-lol! I found the post though! Wham is right! Bless little Ethan’s heart. I believe he will be well taken care of! Uh-Oh, Rusty: Looks like you have some competition coming your way! Sharon~as always, thank you for your kind words and good luck on your upcoming adventures!

  2. I am sorry to hear Patch still is not any better.

    Thanks! Me too! I just wish we could pinpoint the problem-aaahhhh! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am sending up some Knee-mail this morning for you Patch! Keeping the faith. So sorry to hear of your family loss Mercedes, prayers for the entire family.

    Wanted to share this verse with you:
    Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles.
    It empties today of its strength.

    Praying for your continued strength. I know that in itself is a daily challenge when troubles persist. Wishing you renewed strength each and every day!

    Heart to Heart,
    Pink Biz

    Thank you so much for your kind words. You always show up here when I need some uplifting! You are magical in your appearance and inspirational with your words! Ewe Rock!

  4. URAQT! You are very welcome!
    Read the letters slowly.
    In plain English, you are a cutie!
    Yes, you too Patch!

    Cute blog (is there an award out there for that anyone?)
    Cute pooch
    Cute, cute, cute all the way around!


    I was trying to figure it out and I did (aren’t you proud?) , then I read your directions-lol! I understand completely about the blogging-I need to step away from the computer more often-lol! Thanks again for your CUTE words UQTPiU!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your loss and that Patch is not better!

    I hope you’re able to enjoy the weekend with your family.

    Take care and prayers from me and my gang, Ginger and Woody K. for you and Patch.

    Thank you Marsha! Nice to meet you: Ginger & Woody K! WOOF right back!

  6. Mercedes, I want a laptop so bad I can taste it. But alas the budget doesn’t provide for that right now. If you just want the laptop for blogging, you don’t need anything that has a ton of memory. Hewlett Packard has some great laptops. Just go to their website.

    It is really terrible that not one vet can find out what’s wrong with patch. Although he did say that Patch had an autoimmune disease. Wow..sorry to hear about Patch.

    Thanks for the advice! I do need a ton of memory though: I use the computer for everything I do at school, genealogy, so many pictures for school and home, and for when I am taking classes for my Master’s degree. I use Publisher for my Mary Kay business and for Jedd’s store too. I love Powerpoint and I use it often for my classroom. I also have my class website to maintain. My best friend has an HP. I have a Dell desktop. I believe I will check into the HP’s. I’m just not sure about Windows Vista yet and if I am ready to change.

    Thanks for thinking about Patch. Do ya know anything about auto-immune diseases-btw?

  7. Hope you get a correct dianoses for Patch soon. My brother had a dalmation that lived fifteen yrs before finally passing with numerous things wrong with him. His name was Fred and I hadn’t thought of him lately, so thanks for a happy memory this morning. Fred brought many happy times to all of us.
    Sorry also about your loss.
    Want to thank you for visiting and say I LOVE your blog. I’ll be more than happy to participate in and help promote your new memes.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! I am glad I could take you down memory lane! Thanks for assiting me with participating in my memes and to help promote them! I have added you to my blogroll under Meme Buddies. Have a great weekend!

  8. 1. I got your message on my blog about the moon (this morning). Boo hoo.
    2. I use Internet Exployer and don’t know anything about this. No help.
    3. I bought a laptop last year and don’t spend too much time on it–just my Dell desktop. But if I wasn’t alone here all day with the desktop–I would definitely use my laptop. It is an Acer from Wal-Mart and is really good. The sales lady there said everybody loves them and I do like it. I cannot stand Windows Vista. You might like it. I haven’t really taken the time to work with it and figure it out. It is complicated to me. It is strictly for music, pictures—media. It sounds like you need office stuff and it is NOT for that.
    4. I love memes. Yeah it’s been helpful but whatever.????
    5. I am doing April NaBloPoMo too but not letters–I really don’t like that theme. Sometimes I put the badge on my posts and sometimes I don’t. Just leave it off.
    6. I like Mr. linky–the one on your Mer. Rocks meme blog.
    7. So sorry for your loss.
    8. Going to the state park sounds wonderful on a day like this (beautiful here!!). Have fun!
    9. Woohoo for dad doing your laundry–how nice! I worked for years and it is so hard to keep up with housework when you work.
    10. Sorry to hear Patch is worse. It sounds like if the old antibiotic was working, why take him off? The main thing I know about an autoimmune disease (from having arthritis myself which is one) is that it is extremely easier to get sick and harder to get well—but you already knew that.

    Let us know how the trip to the st. park went.

    You crack me up-answering each question-hehe! Thank you very much-I appreciate that! My aunt and uncle came down with the two younger boys (18 & 14) and they both brought friends with them. The boys did their own thing and I mainly just visited with my aunt and uncle.

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