Sunday Dinner

Sunday Eatin With My Mountain Man’s Ma & Pa

(title courtsey of Diamond Hog)

  1. Pork Roast with mandarin orange sauce
  2. Pork BBQ Ribs
  3. Loaded mashed potatoes
  4. Fried Corn
  5. Green Beans
  6. Wild Rice
  7. Rolls
  8. SunDrop Cake (SunDrop is not everywhere. It is a soft drink kind of like Mountain Dew, but much better-loaded with sugar, carbs, and caffeine-oops. This cake is so moist and awesome. Sometimes she makes it with Cherry SunDrop) Kinda like 7-Up cake.


Jedd’s Mom has just recently retired and she is going on a trip this week to Charleston, SC and Savvanah, GA. She is also going to Paula Dean’s Restaurant in Savannah! She hopes to see Paula there, but says it is unlikely! It’s funny-since she has retired, our Sunday meals aren’t as extravagant-that doesn’t make any sense-lol!


One Response

  1. That cake sounds, well, scrumptious!

    Is absolutely scrumptious!

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