Ultimate Blog Party in Review


During the week of March 7-14, 2008, 5 Minutes for Mom hosted the “Ultimate Blog Party” where bloggers write a little post about themselves and then sign Mr. Linky over at 5 Minutes for Mom inviting other bloggers to stop by. This was our opportunity to meet new friends and party blogger-style at the Ultimate Blog Party 2008!

There were around 1,400 participants (1,493 participants linked, but many double and tripled linked)-WOW! Many people came to visit me and I returned the favor, visiting them. I also visited many blogs. I have also gained some new Blog Buddies! Some of my current Blog Buddies were at the party too! I really enjoyed this~but I am about partied out!

New Bloggers That Visited My Party First

  1. jayedee: Life in the Lost World~She is a country woman from Florida! She believes in god, family values, and her country! She also loves chickens!

  2. Janice: The Cook Gang~Wonderful woman: inspiring and funny! She is now a Blog Party Peep!

  3. Julie: Mom Two Ways~Great Woman with 3 children! I love her blog!

  4. mistie: Secrets of Orual She found me via Nikki (southern pixie). She is also from TN-woohoo. She lives in Memphis. That’s where Gina and Tuffy live too! Her party lists 100 things about herself-WOW!

  5. acupofjoy: A Cup of Joy This lady has two blogs. She also makes the cutest placemats with pockets for the utensils! She also lives in Australia!

  6. Niki: Niki’s Ventures She loves to quilt and does it for charity! Awesome!

  7. MamaArcher: Mama Archer’s Blog This is one amazing lady. She has eight children. Her husband is a minister in the Air Force. She has a very inspirational blog.

  8. Angella~Mamma D: Fairy Bread She had some great food and recipes at her party! She also displayed some of her paintings and had some great music!

  9. margaret: Pearl Girls Very inspiring place!

  10. Suzi: Green Mommy Musings Great place!

  11. Ivan Girl – Dear Me: Dear Me I got to go to the Philippines for her party! She has a beautiful family and she loves memes-like me!

  12. Heather*: Swanky Blog She had a great party with cupcakes and milk too! She also has her own stationary business she runs at home!

  13. Tracee Sioux: So Sioux Me Wonderful woman. Her intention is to inspire women and help them to empower their daughters. Great place!

  14. Yankee: Yankee This lady is a neighbor from Kentucky-woohoo! She also has a daughter named Haley-too cool-that’s my last name! It took me awhile to find her-lol!

New Bloggers I Visited & They Returned The Favor

  1. Geg: So…What Else? What Else? What Else? Geggie is also about my age-woohoo! She is giving away a Burt’s Bees maturally ageless skincare line. One of my top prize choices!

  2. Dee: (still trying to relocate her)

  3. Nikki (southern pixie): Hey, has anyone seen my sanity? A nice young southern girl married with three children.

  4. michie: Seeking Imperfection Michie is a Special Education teacher-woohoo! She had Green Eggs & Ham at her party! Yummy!

  5. me and my puppies: Life Through a Lens This woman is awesome! She takes beautiful pictures! She has also met Nicholas Sparks in person-woohoo! She had some wonderful food at her party! She also trains seeing eye dogs! She is now a Blog Party Peep!

  6. Judy: Welcome to My World of Dreams Judy had a wonderful latin-themed party with food, drink, and Liam Nelson! Awesome party! She is also giving away a $25 gift certificate from Amazon.com-one of my top prize choices! Great place! She is now a Blog Party Peep!

  7. Pamela Kramer: Happy Panda She is awesome and is coordinating the prize giveaways!

  8. Amy Shipp: Our Fun Funky Life She is LDS and loves to blog along with participating in memes!

Bloggers I Visited But They Never Made It To My Party

  1. Melanie: Livin’ With Me (she was having major technical difficulties with her Domain Host) I have visited her blog numerous times. She also hosts Blogaholics Anonymous.

  2. Liz: Pink Lemonade

  3. Monkey Giggles: Monkey Giggles

  4. Devon: Living the Small Town Life

  5. Rachel Anne: Home Sanctuary

  6. Greta: I Love Mr. Pibb She is my age and lives in the South too!
  7. Amy: Signs, Miracles, and Wonders Amy is giving away an autographed copy of True Believer by Nicholas Sparks along with a $5 Starbucks gift card. This was one of my top prize choices.

  8. Shera: Sweet ‘n Simple Design Shera is giving away a Blog Design. This was my first prize choice that I would use for Mercedes Rocks.

  9. Natalie: Red Sox Mommy Natalie and I run into each other when participating in memes! She does visit me-just didn’t see her at my party.

  10. Joy: Joy of Desserts Wonderful place full of desserts. Joy didn’t visit me here, but she visited and participated in Scrumptious Sunday at Mercedes Rocks! Woohoo. She is now a Blog Party Peep & hopefully will continue to participate at Mercedes Rocks. Woohoo!

  11. Kristen: An Ordinary Life Kristen actually visited my Manic Monday Post and I found her Party while returning the favor. She is Kaila’s Mommy and her and 3 other girlfriends have created Mommies United.

  12. Rebecca: The Hatfields My blog buddy, Gina, sent me here because Rebecca is also a school teacher. Rebecca dressed up on Wacky Wednesday at her school in Honor of Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. She also dressed up as Pipi Longstocking one day. Too Cool!

  13. Puppy Dog Tails: Can’t remember if this is the title or the name and now I am trying to relocate her.

People That Visited Me That Must Not Have a Blog

(I couldn’t find them)

  1. Susan
  2. Denice

Current Blog Buddies That Were at the Party

  1. FreeFromItAll (Darla): Beauty Inside and Out
  2. Curious, along with Missy the Cat: I’m Just Ducky Now
  3. 4urpets: 4urpets
  4. infinity goods: Infinity Goods Blog

I have probably left a few Bloggers out so please don’t be offended if I forgot to include you in the lists. Let me know if I have forgot anyone!


edited 3-23-08

5 Responses

  1. This was not such a good week for me to have this blog party, I felt to busy to get into it. I really wanted to read more blogs and find new friends. You did such a good job keeping track of your PEEPS, I am honored to be on you NEW PEEPS blog roll. Yeah for me.

    Ditto on what you said! Congratulations-lol! I am honored to meet such a wonderful person! Whew! I am all partied out!

  2. Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful review. I enjoyed meeting you too and hope you don’t mind me adding your link on my site. I am now almost finished with Dear John and I’m loving it. How about you, any review?

    You’re welcome! I don’t mind at all! I haven’t picked Dear John back up yet. Isn’t that awful of me? Usually I can finish a book in one-two days, but with Patch feeling the way he does, I just can’t bring myself to pick it back up. I need to remember that it does get better-lol!

  3. That WAS fun wasn’t it?!!

    It was~but whew~I’m about partied out!

  4. What a great party! It’s always fun to meet new people; now I just have to get back with all of them! Like Janice said, above, this wasn’t the best week for getting back with folks. But I plan to visit everyone who visited me this week…

    Thanks for turning me on to this, Mere! And a nice long scritch behind the ears for Patch from me And Missy the Cat…

    I am partied out-lol! You are welcome! Patch is loving the nice long scritch! Give Missy some fishies from Patch and I!

  5. It was fun but like one reader said, I’m all partyied out too. Did you hear anything yet about the prizes????

    I believe prize winners will be notified by email and/or posts. Then a full list of winners will be posted soon-I think!

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