Green Saturday Six


Saturday Six #4

1. Do you have any plans to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party this weekend? No

2. Have you ever thrown a St. Patrick’s Day party? If not, would you consider doing so? No~Sure, I would consider it

3. What is your favorite thing about the Irish? They seem so jolly and like to have fun! Their accents too!

4. Take the quiz: What Color Green Are You?

You Are Apple Green

You are almost super-humanly upbeat. You have a very positive energy that surrounds you.And while you are happy go lucky, you’re also charmingly assertive.

You get what you want, even if you have to persuade those against you to see things your way.

Reflective and thoughtful, you know yourself well – and you know that you want out of life.

5. Should carrying alcohol in public places — as people would tend to do during a city’s St. Paddy’s Day celebration — be illegal? Yes, I guess so

6. Are you more likely to be a designated driver at a party, or more likely to need one? If I make it to a party, I will more likely need one.

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*This is my last Saturday 6 because I do not want to wait for the meme to be posted on Saturdays and wait even longer to view the participants. Also, I love blogthings and I can go there anytime I wish. (edited 3-16-08)

4 Responses

  1. Whoo hoo, I love those quizzes..what can I say? I have the IQ perhaps of a monkey! LOL!

    I did it of course and I am an apple green too. Don’t much think the thing understood me as I am certainly not much in the persuade department. Lots of fun!

    Hey now! I am Miss Meredith the Monkey-LOL!

  2. I took the quiz, too. I am grass green. 🙂 It says I’m a hippie. My results are on

    LOL! I checked it out and I am coming back over to check out Free’s reply too!

  3. Oh shoot! I just did this and posted the results on Shades “blogginzen” blog – I’m olive green.

    I will have to go see what Olive Green means!

  4. I don’t blame you. I love blogthings too. I think i’ll do the green one now.

    Thanks! I will have to check yours out!

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