You Cheer Me Up Award


I have received another award that came at the perfect time! It made me feel all tingly and warm inside. This is from Sharon at Hustle Hag. Sharon is Rusty’s Mom. Rusty is such a cool dog with his OWN blog: Chasing Squirrels with Rusty! Sharon is also a teacher. She teaches 2nd grade. You should check out her blog~really beautiful pictures and great stories about her classroom. Thank you so much Sharon!

I would like to pass this award on to two blog buddies that Sharon has already given the award to. I just want them to know that they do cheer me up too: Gina and Tuffy & The Aged Cat!

I would also like present this award to the following: Eve, Angie, Rusty, Deb (who I have got visit with more often) , Kathryn, Accountable, Shades of Pink, Folkie, Goldie, Winnie, Pink Biz, and Curious with Missy the Cat! You guys are great! Thanks for all you do to help CHEER ME UP!


14 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your award. Lucy seems to cheer everybody up. Especially Gina.

    Thanks! I would like to pass this on to you too! Who is Lucy? I should know this, or should I? LOL!

  2. Thanks Mercedes!!! I can never have too many awards.. Now if I can figure out how to put them in my sidebar. HA I am blog illiterate. You cheer me up too. I can’t wait to visit your blog every day.

    You are so welcome. I hope my comment to gr8tful can help you. Thanks for your kind words! I am all tingly again-hehe!

  3. You like me! You really like me! *sob* there are no words mercedes…

    Seriously though…thank you very much! wow! you makin’ me blush again…

    You are too funny! You’re welcome! Blushin’ cheers me up-hehe!

  4. You are so welcome, I love it when I can make you smile! Thank you for this award…Like Gina I need to get it on mine but don’t know how. Someone else gave me one and I didn’t know what to do with it then and I still don’t. LOL

    Smiling right now! To do a post about an award or with pics, just right click, copy and save. Then upload the pic to your post. To put a pic on your side bar use this code and replace with your info:

    <p align=”center”><img src=”The URL of your pic (view what you uploaded and click edit-then copy the url and paste here” alt=”TITLE OF YOUR PIC”/ >
    Don’t forget to close the code with the left arrow-backslash-p-right arrow!

    I hope this helps, I can’t put the closing code here-it won’t allow me too. Good Luck!

  5. aww, thank you Mer! I’m with the other ladies…I have no idea how to add any of that stuff to my blog. I wish I were as blog literate as you are! I am going to try using the code you gave gr8tful, but I’m not counting on being able to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚


    You are so welcome! Good Luck with the code. I hope the last part makes sense-lol!

  6. Congrats on receiving the award and well-deserved too, since you never fail to cheer me up! And Missy the Cat would like to give you a nice fishie as her special thank you…

    And thank you for awarding it to us in turn.

    Thank You & You’re Welcome! Yummy fishie! Cheerin’ me up already! Thanks Missy!

  7. Luceeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m hoooooooooooommmmme!!!

    Congratulation on your award and thanks for thinking of me. I KNOW you’ve been busy lately with the posting stuff thing you’ve been doing…is it a nabee pam be… LOL I just can’t keep up. You have an abundance of energy! You lucky woman you!
    Hugs to you Mer!

    Drop Dead Fred~thats what this (nabee pam be) reminds me of! I love that movie! I watched I Love Lucy this morning! Hugs right back, Deb!

  8. PS… You need to come get your Yummy Blog award from me. It was a while ago and I forgot to notify ya! hugs deb

    Thank you so much! I just picked it up! I need to watch Randy Pausch’s new lecture. I have also been keeping up with him, probably not as much as you have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks so much!! Maybe I’ll have to start a page with the awards. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are so welcome! Yes~you need one more page on your blog-lol! JK!

  10. Ok~I just realized that my suggestion on how to add an image in your sidebar didn’t include that you need to put it in a text widget. The Aged Cat reminded me of the link that will help you with exactly how to do this. Check it out here:

  11. I know.I’ve got a gagillion pages already. What’s one more?

    ROFL! You are too funny!

  12. Mercedes,

    I am so sorry but I didn’t realize that “Kathryn” was me, although that is my name. I probably would have recognized it if it was, Kathryn from 4urpets. I just couldn’t figure out what you meant when you said you had something over at your site for me.

    Anyway, thanks for the award, and I will revise my post to include you too. You are too special not to mention you too.


    Sorry about the confusion! I will remember that next time-lol. You cheer me up with your blog and with your kind words! You are also very caring about Patch~who right now isn’t doing very well. He is just blah! He is just laying around doing nothing. He has sores coming up again. I will be calling New Doc and maybe they will do a REAL test on the lesions this time. No telling what really got done before-lol! Cheers!

  13. Lucy is a favorite of mine! Couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this award! It is truly a gift from your heart, and I am touched by your sentiment. Thanks for making me feel special! ๐Ÿ˜€

    You are so welcome! You always manage to show up at just the right time and cheer me up with your kind words! Happy Easter!

  14. I love Lucy and the whole gang! I love you too bunches!
    Thank you so much.. You are a doll!
    Woof and bow wow!

    You are so welcome and THANK YOU for always being here at just the right times! Mad with barklove! WOOF! Hugs right back at ya! Mere

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