Real Teachers


Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Things about Real Teachers

  1. Real teachers will eat anything left in the teacher’s lounge.
  2. Real teachers never sit down without first checking the seat of the chair.
  3. Real teachers are written up in medical journals for the size and elasticity of their bladders and kidneys.
  4. Real teachers have been timed gulping down lunch in 2 minutes 18 seconds. Master teachers can eat faster than that.
  5. Real teachers can predict exactly which parents will show up at open house.
  6. Real teachers understand the importance of making sure every kid gets a Valentine.
  7. Real teachers have their best conferences in the parking lot.
  8. Real teachers know better than to plan discussions or cooperative groups for the last period during an observation.
  9. Real teachers know that secretaries and custodians run the school.
  10. Real teachers know that rules do not apply to them.
  11. Real teachers give themselves away in public because of the pen and marker smdges all over their hands.
  12. Real teachers know that happy hour does indeed begin on Friday afternoons.
  13. Real teachers hear the heartbeats of crisis; always have time to listen; know they teach students, not subjects; and they are absolutely nonexpendable.

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9 Responses

  1. My mom’s a teacher too (or used to be, this is her first year as a principal) and I recognized so many of these!

    My T13: 13 Old Lessons I’m Still Learning

    Cool! Thanks for coming over! I really enjoyed your Lessons you are still learning!

  2. That sounds like some of the teachers my children USED TO have!

    LOL! WOW~you are one busy woman with a very busy life! Kudos to you!

  3. I am a teacher and that list was very comprehensive!! Happy TT 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My TT is about teachers too. Have a great weekend!

  5. What a awesome list…
    My husband will be teaching middle school in about 2 years…(hopefully)
    Happy Thursday Thirteen!

    Thanks! Good luck to your husband-Middle School-Whew! I love your headbands! They are awesome!

  6. So very true. Glad you posted this for all the teachers out there (and ones who used to teach 🙂 ). If you can read this, thank a teacher!

    I sometimes forget that you used to teach! I like your last comment~I should have thought of that one to add at the end-lol!

  7. Great list and so true!

    Thanks! I enjoyed your post on Blog Carnivals. I might check this out after The Ultimate Blog Party! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Time was, I once contemplated becoming a teacher!

    Hhhhmmmm. Thanks for visiting! I LOVE your Thursday 13 ritish idioms and expressions!

  9. I love this. Some of my favorite people are teachers. I forwarded it to my son’s teacher from last year, now my friend, my daughter’s teacher from two years ago and my sister-in-law who has been teaching for almost 30 years.

    Forward away my southern friend! I loved your Thursday 13!

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