Wordless Wednesday #3



Read Across America Week

Thing 1 & Thing 2/Crazy Hair Day



more about memes



4 Responses

  1. Love those blue hair-do’s!!
    Happy WW!

    Thanks! I love your photo shot too!

  2. Thanks for the photos. Ya’ll are so cute as Thing 1 and 2. Your hair is hilarious in the second picture. Looks like ya’ll had fun!

    You’re welcome! I wish I had taken a pic of me each day~I forgot to take a pic of me on hat day: it was a dalmatian hat; Crazy Socks Day: rainbow tow socks with bright pink smileys on the top; and tacky day: I had two different socks and two different colored crocs. Yeah~fun~thank goodness it’s over-LOL!

  3. My taylor dressed up as Thing 2 last week and her friend was thing 1, they wore pink instead though and they didnt have blue hair, so besides the signs they had on there chests, you wouldn’t have known they dressed up at all. Cute pics though.

    Thank you! I loved your picture too! I have a new idea for art work-lol!

  4. When I was little and reading The Cat In The Hat, I remember being afraid of them. Weird, huh?

    Great pictures!

    Thanks! Hope I didn’t scare you-lol!

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